Sunday, June 7, 2009

A(H1N1) scare

I got this message from a former schoolmate saying that she received a text from a friend who's dad is working in PUP (the university I supposed to be studying when classes start) . The news is that, there are seven confirmed Korean students who was infected by the Ah1n1 virus. I really don't know if this report is true, and if Im going to believe. Cause I never heard any case of this illness in the said school in the news, yet. But I hope my future school won't be affected. Same as the other schools ofcourse.

Im a bit worried as well, being infected by this virus will run you crazy.. hahaha.. well I was supposed to go to the mall, but Im thinking if I would go or not cause my mom's asking me a favor if I could go there and buy some stuffs for her. Im really afraid to be infected by the swine flu. haha! We may not know, the person who passed in front of us may be already a carrier of this virus. Or the passengers beside you inside the fx, jeepneys, tricycles. Maybe one of them had a contact with an infected person. (awwwooooo!!) Pretty scary. So I guess if Im just going outside. I'd better seldom go to crowded places. Better not live the house!! haha!!!
Wash your hands, feet, face or just take a bath when you went somewhere else! haha!! Cover your nose and mouth whenever someone coughs or sneezes, just to avoid germs and viruses that may cause you flu or same ilnesses.

Another entry just to waste my precious time on. What else can I do? hahah!
visit me in my house!! anyone!! hahaha!!