Friday, January 30, 2009

end up as an orgasm

Life is the ability to perform biological processes.
Process. An evolution, simolar to cycle. Life cycle.

Thinking about life, yeah..hmmm mine i think is fcuked up right now.. But im thinking it in some better way. Life's really great. But no one owns their life, cause we just only borrowed it. It's amazing how God designed a life cycle for humans and other creatures. An alternation of a baby inside the mother's womb is like a miracle how it could possibly happen, another life creature can give another life, a new born organism. Fascinating how can one exist inside another living body, with a beating heart and a working brain.

In life, we always have great trials, trials not to test our abilities and limitaions, cause God already knows our limmitaion, trials are given to us to serve as a challenge, to test our FAITH towards Him.

Going back to life, it's incredible to think that we've started as an egg, turned into a baby, faced puberty, undergo adolescence and went to adulthood with great responsibilities. Then it's only the days we count until we face death, facing death with consciousness, worries and doubts.

That's a life cycle of a man. But if I we're about to change that, I'd rather suggest a reverse cycle.

We'd rather die first to suffer in hell or enjoy in heaven, then be a very old skinny citizen enjoying the time of retirement. Starts to get in the age of working to earn money and enjoy life. Sex, drugs, alcohols, party, relationships and other forms of getting a "life". After enjoying the best years of your life you'll get ready for college and have friends and get more fun while time passes by sooner or later until you'll end up in adolescent stage where you'll begin high school and get the best part of school days and get ready for puberty. And soon you'll be in elementary and beacame a child enjoying, playing and laughing without worries.. Be a baby, an innocent baby getting attention from the people around him/her who cares so much fo a child, looking after him/her with live and care and concern. Be inside a womb for nine months, feeling the union of mother and chils and we'll end up as an orgasm. Without fear and problems.

Wouldn't be life marvelous if you'll end up happy and having no worries and concern about anything that you might regret nor hesitate.

I kinda enjoy my life now, though sometimes it gets a little bit tough. I love my life. I love my world. And i won't die wasting any second of it. I won't regret nor hesitate on anything. I'll do everything i need and want before my time's up. Life's too short for mellow scenes, inconsistent situations and dramatic takes.

No one knows when will death visit us.


Thursday, January 29, 2009


Inconsistency, temporary things, unsure matters, unsolved issues, full of words but lack of actions. Implementations of rules and regulations without legal basis. A dog with barks but never bites. A war between MAJINBU and the SUPER SAIYANS. Never try to dare a SCHOLAR!!!

YOUTH is the most POWERFUL. We can make an innovation and give a better change for the next batch!! We can make a difference, a difference that only students can do! That only the students can start, and now, SENIORS already began. Made an action, an appropriate solution for problems left unsolved.

We have the right to complain! We have our appanages to complain and make some actions to do the move.

We're the VICTIMS and HOSTAGES for the past four years. Now we're on the same side with one motion, that is to fight for our rights and to put an end in our sick administration to build ours. Speak now and make a step or keep your mind in silence and miss the best half of your life!

ASSERT for the PEOPLE and give the YOUTH a BETTER FATE.

-----------go SENIORS!!!

give us LIBERTY, or give us DEATH

just this afternoon..conniption of emotions arise.
it started with gossips and turns into murmurs which became a relief with scream and laughs but turns out to be a disappointment which led to a riot that united all seniors to have one goal and one perception.

today is the start of the chaos.
a combat of the students against the authorities, abusing their power, giving youth shame and downfall with their promises and fcuking lies.


we'll fight for our appanages which we know is right.
we'll fight for the common good and make a change, we'll make an innovation for this fcuked up school.

" give us LIBERTY, or give us DEATH "

we'll make our choice. we're all free democratic people here!

---watta quote...haha... (im serious)

Monday, January 26, 2009

universities will embrace us

move on... move on.... move on.....

high school will give it's farewell soon and universities will embrace us later.
we've got approximately two months to live...
to live in high school inside the fucking school i used to curse,
to live with our loving friends,
to live with our schoolmates and classmates
to live with our high school teachers, and
to live the life we used to live for 4years..

contemporary adjustments will happen,
new cordial acts will take place..

another few years in hell....
another agony in life..
more hardships to be found..
more adherance must arise.

but don't worry, instead be happy. after this years of damn education. You'll get a life.. an existence of your own as an adult. With your own regulations and own rules with your own management and manipulation of your fcuked up life.. isn't that great? after years of dedication with your studies and family, you'll get your ownself a chance to enjoy life and become "somebody" and not just "someone".

get a man, get a lady, fcuk yourselves till you're dried up..
get a beer, get a wine, gather you're friends until you get an aldehyde reaction in your body.
get a ticket, go ride the plane, the ship, go watch a movie or a play..

you can now get a life you want. I hope the life you want is better one than what you have right now.. Stay calm and focus, get your head up and go get a life!!!

unusual buss

we must not shed tears, that is the defeat of the body by the eart. Because for us, this thing called "heart" can be nothing less than proof that one's existence is superfluous.


when a person takes up arms, they are trying to protect something, it maybe their own life, their status, their honor, someone they love, something they believe in, be good or bad, there's no difference in their desire to protect.


anu to??
d ko nga rin alam eh.... T_T

naaning ako...


buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..
buss spot..

hirap mkhanap ng buss spot!!!


It's a rainy afternoon when they've fallen in a crib together with coolers, with crystals and not pearls.... They settled upon the davenport hand in hand. The motion picture started as the fluorescent was absent. Abaft the cushion there it started. From a simple buss came to osculation. The unusual caress happened and the first flick was exceptional it soon became devoting.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

define NORMAL

dust entering the eye, hair felt inside the mouth, insects got into ears and some kinda weird particles gets into your nose are just some of the common things happening to normal persons.


letting toothpaste spill in the eyes, getting wounds and hits from no where, letting your cp slip through your hands without noticing it and letting it fall about 2meters above the ground, staying up late until 4am using th computer and watching horror movies alone, thinking some odd stuffs, getting weird chills, talking to yourself sometime, getting gastly rushses, connected with many stragers, hearing whispers....


am i still normal?? *hahahaha*
these fcuked up things happens to me often and i really do not know why...

:) :)


Escape the Heat

Heat, in physics, is energy which is spontaneously flowing from an object with a high temperature to an object with a lower temperature.

And speaking of heat, just this afternoon after school, im trying to escape from the torturing heat of the damn day, but it won't leave me until im soaking wet.. Im trying to get myself to sleep last night, but im getting introvert because of the damn statistical description in terms of the mean and variability of relevant quantities over a period of time ranging from months to thousands or millions of years. Back then it's so cold that i always shiver and try to strangle myself under my sheets but now i almost wanted to get off all my habiliments and leave myself lying on the bed. And the stupid electric fan won't cooperate because of its broken neck trying to rotate 360 degrees which makes me get up late at night all sweaty and makes it to turn it back to its original position. I really hate my electric fan but i love my bed. It's my heavenly haven place under my sheets hugging my pillow and i'll just close my eyes and open them, unexpectedly, it's already sunrise...

I confess: CHEATING is an ART and HONESTY is such a LONELY WORD

In a negative point of view, Cheating is an act of lying, deception, fraud, trickery, imposture, or imposition. Cheating characteristically is employed to create an unfair advantage, usually in one's own interest, and often at the expense of others. Cheating implies the breaking of rules. Cheating is less applicable to the breaking of laws, as illegal activities are referred to by specific legal terminology such as fraud or corruption.

In a positive perception, Cheating is an art done by everyone, in terms of love, career, and the best part, during EXAMS. Don't tell me me you haven't done cheating your whole life cause if you don't,,, GET A LIFE WOULD YAH?!!

Cheating is an art you'll enjoy and appreciate sometime, but don't dare abuse it cause like drugs, you'll be addicted. Cheating is an art, an abstract for the students, it's making impossible things come to reality but it it a crime for the teachers and a hard thing to be appreciated by adults. But they became a student too, right? So why can't they understand and give consideration? The fcukin' hell i care...hahahaha

Cheating can be done in many several ways. Like getting a piece of paper as your copy of formulas and put it in your ID or just simply insert with your scratch papers. If your afraid to get caught, use your desk as your paper. Or get your reviewer and put it under the chair of who's infront or beside you. Have a clear sight and sharp eras to be able to see and hear the correct answers. Another technique is having many friends and help each other in times of need, those times are during exams, you can ask questions unobviously or sneak at your seatmate's, probably, cheatmate's paper. If you can't, have a deal with them before the exam that you can exchange papers with them to get a clear copy of their fcukin' answers to those damn shit questions unrelative to our lives!!

One more thing, be careful not to get caught, cause cheating is very expensive art..... :)


Theoretically speking, Honesty is the human quality of communicating and acting truthfully related to truth as a value. This includes listening, and any action in the human repertoire. Honesty can also mean fairness, and truthfulness, and the avoidance of misleading people.

And Hypothetically speaking, Honesty will make your soul pure but won't make your grades good. Being honest in terms of morality is good but in terms of academics, you'll be very poor. Every man has a common good but everyone has their cruel and greedy minds. No one is honest in this world but there is kindness still, though honesty is such a lonely word..... :)


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

lintek na bagay-bagay

nakakasawa na ang mga paulit- ulit na bagay..
sa mga putang inang araw na dumadaan yun ay yun pa rin ang nangyayari sa paligid mo. Parehong istorya ang naririnig mo. Pare-prehong bagay ang nakikita mo at paulit- ulit at walang katapusang senaryo ng mga bagay na walang kwenta.


masaya mamintas lalo na kung may kapintasan, masarap manlait kung walang malalait sayo..masarap umiyak kung tama ang iniiyakan mo..masarap tumawa lalo na pag kasama ang barakda at mahal sa buhay, masarap sa pakiramdam ang magsalita at manermon lalo na kung alam mong tama ka sa mga katarantaduhang pinagsasasabi mo.


nakakasawa pag paulit-ulit ang mga punyetang bagay na naririnig, nakikita, nararamdaman at ginagwa mo sa araw- araw.

paulit- ulit na mga lintek na problema at paulit- ulit na hayop na payo at paulit- ulit na putang inang problema ulit at ayoko ng magpayo!!

paulit- ulit na bwisit away, paulit- ulit na tang inang batian, paulit- ulit na away at ayoko ng makipagbatian!

paulit- ulit na diskusyon at away at tampo at pagtatalo.... nakakasawa na............................ T_T


nagsasawa rin akong tumingin sa harap ng hayop na monitor na to at umupo hanggang sa mag init ang pwet sa ko sa putang inang upuan n to at paganahin ang bwisit kong utak para makapag isip ng lintek na entry sa punyetang blog na to!! kaya matutulog na lang muna ko!!!


bed is my heavenly haven place...
under my sheets with myself alone hugging my pillow....


i gave imagination my last glimpse, kissed fantasies goodbye and say hello to reality....

hating the world as if it is looking towards me in a different way, but i was just seeking the truth for a relief and to get to the softer side of life by accepting the REAL ONES. My faults, mistakes, wrong believes and damn perception in life. Fcuk, those are all shits and damn things if I don't realize what's wrong and damn right.

Im covered in my sheets giving myself a bit of comfort. I faced my fear and gave people realization about their fcuked up life giving themselves shits. I don't care what others think about my acts, im just a piece of everything wrapped under my sheets.

Realizing reality and accepting the truth really damn hurts and sometimes you can't even face the world until someone will give you the right words and time for you to realize your idiotic acts, flaws and damn perception as well as your shit believes which just gives you more burden.

Tears are just waste of body fluid and energy, arguments are waste of time and doubts are waste of opportunities.

I know for myself that i don't know everything that i should know yet. But im not afraid of making mistakes that will affect my life as well as other's shit life. The time is ticking and the fcuking hell, our life's too short for fcuking dramas and mellow scenes. Everyone deserves a better shit than a damn one.


Monday, January 19, 2009


a man approximately 23 years old was accused of committing a murder of a young girl and her mother in their house in the year 1616. The man was said to be having schizophrenia. He was detained on a psychological hospital instead of being imprisoned as what evidences, medical tests, and the court has ordered.

Months had passed and the man escaped and was said to be wandering in the dark streets of the town. Rumors and warnings were spread.

Weeks earlier, a very loud scream and a weird noise was heard inside the ward of the hospital. It was said to be the man's groaning and nail scratches on the wall, leaving his blood stains. He was screaming and shouting unknown language and idiomatic words. Patients, doctors and nurses was getting disturbed and destructed every night because of the schizophrenic man's behavior. Days later he was interrogated and tested by the doctors inside a room with a smal table and two chairs for the doctors and a special chair with straps and chains for him. He was asked by questions and was answered by his unrelated answers.

He was inside a special room with a screen on the front door so the staffs can check him out. It's about lunch time when a nurse gave his food, unexpectedly the bastard grabbed him and scratched his face leaving marks and bllod all over his face when he was dropped unconsiously by the man.

With his chained hand he walk, run, walk, run trying to escape in the hell he thought. He dragged his chain silently when surprisingly he was caught by the security guard immediately hit him with his gun.

He woke up staring at the ceiling finding hisself lying on the bed with hands tied up. Struggling and screaming a very cold water was poured onto him giving the staffs pleasure in tormenting him. He was slapped with bat and wood and aluminum tubes giving way for an instant blood shower. He was hit in the face again and again until he picked teeth while tasting his own blood. His cheek bones showed up because of too massive punches. Dislocated chin and radula. Blood can be seen everywhere while his voice covered the whole place with his screams.

---------to be continued muna,,,nwla n ko sa mood....hahahaha

non sense

wla akong maicp.... ampf

Friday, January 16, 2009

new post

no new post since tuesday...
didn't have time to think and work with the computer...

today's GREAT! =]
i love it... =]

because of some matter and some persons out there...
wah i can still remember the "english accent" we're having in the school with my gf... haha
it's so cute....

today is a great search for STICK-O!!! hahaha
now i know not all grocery stores have stick-o...tsk3
too bad... hahaha

anyways,, can't think of anything good to be an entry..
but this day is really great.. haha
i ate my fave burger with fries again with my gp.. haha
and having that stupid masterpiece of ice with a text of ketchup.. haha
it's really cute...

=] =] =]
smile be happyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! hehe


Monday, January 12, 2009


Tnag ina bkit ang daeng emo?
ibng klase tlga putnag ina...

hindi ba kau nwawalan ng problema?
o gusto nyo lng tlga mgkron lgi ng problemang hindi nmn dpat problemahin?!!

minsan nakakasawang makinig ng mga storyang wlang saysay...
sa kalsada, kwento ng pokpok, ng holdaper, snatcher, rugby, sindikato at mga batang pulubi,

sa bahay, problema sa kabet, sa pera, sa bisyo, sa mga anak pati magulang nakikisali..

sa eskwelahan problema ng mga teacher, sa sweldo, sa pamilya, sa katrabaho.. problema ng mga janitor, utang, babae, lalake, bisyo...problema ng mga estudyante, project, homework, pera, pamilya, pati pag-ibig! eh tang ina bata pa tau pra mangulubot ang mukha sa mga problemang pinoproblemang hindi naman makakatulong satin!!

masarap mabuhay pag walang problema, lahat ng problema may solusyon, kya kung sa tingin mo wlng solusyon problema mo eh gago ka pla wag mo ng problemahin!!!

hayaan mong lumapit ng kusa ang problema sayo hindi yung ikaw ang naghahanap ng problema tpos sasakit ang ulo mo, di ka kakain, tatahimik ka, at parang pasan mo lahat ng bigat ng mundo! gago walang gnun! kea kung gusto mong magpakamatay dahil sa bigat ng problema mo tang ina isipin mo nga npkaraming taong gustong mabuhay tpos ung sau sasayangin mo dahil sa katangahan mo?!!

kaya kaung mga emo jan wag kaung mamroblema!
be happy!!!

--------bigla ko lang gustong magmura! hahaha..pero tama nmn dba?? hehehehe

capital I-Z-A

don't want to study,
don't want to go on college,
don't want to get out of high school,
don't want homeworks, projects, activities or any fcukin' garbage shit foolin' around in a stupid school....

Im dooooooooooomeeed!!!!!
fcuk, i do not know why,
i hate everyday, except "those" moments... :p

i hate stalkers,
i hate people who hate me,
i like people like you who likes people like me..

i hate stupid rumors,
stupid people, stupid places,
stupid things, stupid events,

i hate fcukin' rules,
damn regulations..
stupid people feeling like their superior!
damn stupid fcuked up people thinking that they already know everything..
that they always know what they're doing and saying towards themselves and to others as well...

i hate people with stupid unreasonable reasons with them trying to cover and make things up...

i want to do what i want and like and need..
i want to have what i want and like and need..
i want to be with those who i want and like and need and those who want and like and need me....

i want to be if you know any business out there, try to reach me ok?! haha...i want to HAVE MONEY....lots of it,

without getting tired, physically, illegal may do..bwhahahaha
just one thing, i want to be RICH.... :D


since im living in this world at exactly 16 years and 2 months and 11 days and 19 hours and 19 minutes in this world while making this entry, when i came at the age of 35, i want to get all the things i want, like and the age of 40 i want to have everything that i want, like and need, at the age of 50 i want to experience all the things i want, like and need... and at the age of 60 i want to know everything that i should know, everything that i want, like and need...

and at the age of 70 i want to die...coz i don't want to see my face slowly fading with wrinkles and other stuff!!! haha


anything else....hmmmm... wla n ko maicp eh...hahahaha

im a bitch, im a lover
im a child, im a mother (someday..??haha)
im a sinner, im a saint
i do not feel ashamed.... bwahahahaha

------------------capital I-Z-A :D


>>take one<<

Kuya: anong mararamdaman mo kung magka-gf si kuya?
Li’l sister: masaya
Kuya: talaga masaya ka para kay kuya?
Li’l sister: syempre, lagi kayong magdate
Kuya: edi masaya ka rin pag kasama ni kuya mahal niya?
Li’l sister: opo, syempre pag may date kau wla ka ditto sa bahay, akin gang t.v at computer pati chocolates mo sa ref..hehe
Kuya: tarantadong bata to!!

>>>take two<<<

Li’l sister:
Anu yang brainfreeze?
Kuya: yan yung pag sobrang lameg maapektuhan utak mo
Mum: kaya kayo pag iinom nyan dahan-dahan
Li’l sister: opo! Buti pa si kuya hindi maapektuhan yan
Mum: Bakit naman?
Li’l sister: eh wala naman siyang utak eh! Hahahaha
Kuya: tarantado ka talaga!

------------walang magawa!! hahahaha

Saturday, January 10, 2009


i feel a large number of emotions right now,it is a feeling of infatuation and attachment which slowly develops into a HABIT, a very bad habit. This feeling i can't resist is TOO bad.

There are things i don't want to think of, but i can't even forget. There are things that i don't want to CONTINUE but i'm too afraid to END. It's just like i do not want to EXPECT anything coz i know nothing will happen but i'm still WILLING to wait.

*** adore me and so do i but it seems im WORTHLESS that *** always ignore some time. *** make me feel IMPORTANT but at the same time *** make me feel the other way around. Even though *** make me feel EMPTY,, *** still makes me COMPLETE.

I hate it when *** make me so SPECIAL that i forgot WHAT we really are, then i'll just knew it's the same with the others. *** are so special to me that ***** the only important thing to me right now while im doing this entry. I hope that things work out ALRIGHT...


Friday, January 9, 2009


i really like this song.......i hope you do too...

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh...
Oh oh oh...

[Verse 1]

She's starin' at me,
I'm sittin', wonderin' what she's thinkin'.
Nobody's talkin',
'Cause talkin' just turns into screamin'.
And now is I'm yellin' over her,
She's yellin' over me.
All that that means
Is neither of us is listening,
(And what's even worse).
That we don't even remember why were fighting.

So both of us are mad for...


(Fighting for).
(Crying for).
But we won't let it go for
(No not for)
This should be nothin' to a love like what we got.
Ohhh, baby...

I know sometimes
It's gonna rain...
But baby, can we make up now
'Cause I can't sleep through the pain
(Cant sleep through the pain).


Girl, I don't wanna go to bed
(Mad at you),
And I don't want you to go to bed
(Mad at me).
No, I don't wanna go to bed
(Mad at you),
And I don't want you to go to bed
(Mad at me)
Ohhh no no no...

[Verse 2]

And it gets me upset, girl
When you're constantly accusing.
(Askin' questions like you've already known).
We're fighting this war, baby
When both of us are losing.
(This ain't the way that love is supposed to go).

[What happened to workin' it out].
We've falled into this place
Where you ain't backin' down
And I ain't backin' down.

So what the hell do we do now...
It's all for...


(Fighting for).
(Crying for).
But we won't let it go for
(No not for)
This should be nothin' to a love like what we got.
Ohhh, baby...

I know sometimes
It's gonna rain...
But baby, can we make up now
'Cause I can't sleep through the pain
(Cant sleep through the pain).


Girl, I don't wanna go to bed
(Mad at you),
And I don't want you to go to bed
(Mad at me).
No, I don't wanna go to bed
(Mad at you),
And I don't want you to go to bed
(Mad at me)
Ohhh no no no...


Oh baby this love ain't gonna be perfect,
(Perfect, perfect, oh oh).
And just how good it's gonna be.
We can't fuss and we can't fight
Long as everything alright between us
Before we go to sleep.

Baby, we're gonna be happy.

I know sometimes
It's gonna rain...
But baby, can we make up now
'Cause I can't sleep through the pain
(Cant sleep through the pain).


Girl, I don't wanna go to bed
(Mad at you),
And I don't want you to go to bed
(Mad at me).
No, I don't wanna go to bed
(Mad at you),
And I don't want you to go to bed
(Mad at me)
Ohhh no no no...


sometimes, things ar getting so awkward,

something strange, sometimes weird,
but it seems so happy and nice,, it makes you satisfied and contented..

it can be stupid, it can be nice, it can be happy and sometimes it's TOO MUCH..
stupic friendship, stupid fucked up things which are really annoying and starts to be,, TOO MUCH...

TOO MUCH of this, TOO MUCH of that, and these and those,,
sometimes i just wanted to lessen those TOO MUCH things around me,, you, I, them, we, US...

stupid TOO MUCH things that I do not know why,, why it's getting what it used to be..
damn that's a shit...

every TOO MUCH things are hazardous and dangerous to our health, mind and attitude..
TOO MUCH fucked up things around that people already notice.. that people tries to lessen, sometmes adapt and sometimes they are annoyed of it...

so stop that fucking stupid TOO MUCH!!!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

LARO TAYO!! (last)

X: laro tayo?
Y: ano?
X: ung nagbabaga,,
Y: aus
X: tara
Y: siberian husky?
X: oo...ayos
Y: wah
X: ok
Y: iba nmn
X: magdasal ka
Y: sige
X: aun
Y: aun
X: wah
Y: wah
X: tama na
Y: tara..
X: ano?
Y: kaluluwa...
X: ung dumadampi?
Y: ....
X: !!!!
Y: !!!!
X: .....
Y: ?@$%#@
X: &@?*#@
Y: !?@&#*
X: !!?^#&@*
Y: tama na
X: sige
Y: paru-paro?
X: ok
Y: aun
X: aun
Y: wah
X: wah
Y: hmmmm
X: ahmmm
Y: !!!!.....
X: .....!!!!
Y: hmmmm
X: &*@#%@!?
Y: haaayy..
X: reverse naman
Y: ok
X: !!>>>!!!
Y: >>!!!>>>
X: hmmmm
Y: ahmmm
X: wah
Y: wah
X: ayan na
Y: basketball?
X: oo
Y: sus
X: wah
Y: labas na..
X: oo
Y: san na?
X: ayun shoot..
Y: hmmm
X: !!!!
Y: ohhh...
X: time na
Y: sakto
X: tara na
Y: osige
X: ausin mo na
Y: ok na
X: sige
Y: tara na

-----------hehehehehe...halatang walang magawa!!!
-----------naintindihan mo ba? hahaha

NOOD TAYO!! (2nd)

X: tara..
Y: san?
X: don
Y: sang don?
X: don lang
Y: san nga?
X: dito pa ko..
Y: nood ulit?
X: hindi
Y: ano?
X: magtiwala ka..
Y: ano ka ba
X: edi magpremiere muna tau..
Y: osige..
X: punta taung hapon
Y: bakit don?
X: san mo gusto?
Y: ikaw?
X: sa hari muna
Y: yaw mo na sa reyna?
X: auko na dun
Y: osige
X: tara na
Y: magwild ka ba?
X: baka
Y: ok
X: tara na
Y: ano na?
X: magcartoons muna tau..
Y: ung masaya?
X: oo
Y: sige
X: ambilis grabe
Y: masaya to
X: mukha nga
Y: tapos na
X: goddess nmn?
Y: kaw bhla
X: tapos na
Y: ano na?
X: numbers?
Y: masarap?
X: oo
Y: ok
X: ang saya
Y: tara na
X: gusto mo na?
Y: medyo
X: anime tayo
Y: ninja?
X: oo
Y: nagtiwala ka na ba?
X: syempre nmn

GALA TAYO! (1st)

X: san ka?
Y: dito
X: sang dito?
Y: dito lang, punta ka..
X: san jan?
Y: maraming bulaklak..
X: may rabbit?
Y: oo
X: san kna?
Y: doon
X: wala na dito?
Y: oo
X: bakit? san?
Y: dito sa tahimik
X: ayaw mo na sa bulaklak?
Y: sawa na ko dun
X: bakit?
Y: tatlo na un eh
X: sa rabbit?
Y: mahal
X: sa reyna?
Y: basta dito sa tahimik
X: san ka?
Y: jan
X: sang jan?
Y: jan lang
y: dito sa pamaypayy..
X: bakit jan?
Y: mainit don
X: mangyayari din nmn un...
Y: tsaka tahimik dito..
X: san ka?
Y: sa tabi
X: wala kana sa pamaypay?
Y: oo
X: bakit?
Y: sawa na ko
X: sawa ka na agad?
malayo na nga
X: eh san kna?
Y: wala na ko jan
X: san nga?
Y: sa banal
X: bakit jan?
Y: para bago
X: osige
Y: ok
X: sa kna?
Y: burol
X: hala? bumalik ka lang?
Y: onga
X: bakit naman jan?
Y: para parang bundok
X: ok
Y: puntahan mo na ko
X: san?
Y: dito sa paru-paro
X: nag-iba na naman
Y: oo
X: osige
Y: san kna?
X: malapit na
Y: bilisan mo
X: andito na ko
Y: osige
X: tara na...
Y: nuod muna tau...