Monday, December 15, 2008


i came to the point where i can't see anything, everything was covered in black. The place fades into darkness as i become blind and deaf until i can't hear myself. It's so cold, what i can feel is only the chill. I grasp for breath every second pass, i can't hardly speak i can't barely move, it's like im paralyzed, a total limb. I just thought that i can't pass right now. It's too hard, too tough, too urgent and too early for me, i cannot even say farewell, but though it's nice.. I can have my peace, no worries, no doubts, no harm, there's a place where i can be happy, more than anything. I can have more than what i want and need. Love, care, attention, understanding, certainties and assurances and guarantees which is exactly what i need. But again a thought came up. Maybe over there was not what i imagine, what not i expect and want. I think it might be the other way around, with war, doubts, problems, worries, uncertainties, suspicions, lies, backstabbers, blood, fire, evil minds and such nobodies. Everything is just a matter of curiousness, conciousness and confusions. Because sometimes where you at is darker than black.


Saturday, December 6, 2008


I hear the ticking of the clock as every second in my life pass by.

It was an empty space with me lying at the center, wounded, bleeding, the slits in my wrists, the wounds in my chest, arms, legs, neck. The flesh i can see, the fresh blood i smell, the cracking bones i hear.

It was those red blushes on my face, it was those cysts swelling on my back, it was the spine growing larger and bigger trying to escape and rip out of my skin. It was the smell of the blood as i hear it pouring down,flowing. The shiver of the warm body against the cold surrounding. It was those teeth becoming sharper and bigger as my tongue feels its points.

Then I was at the corner rolling over as the pain of each beatings tries to kill and eat me alive. It was so hot I feel my body burning as the wounds were healing. And there beside me was a high class form of mammal with it's organs and flesh i ripped out and its blood i sucked up as its whole body was grinding itself gently. Then it was dark as the clouds were covering the bright shine of the moon.

one, two, three, four, five, six

i was in an empty space looking towards a window which is facing a door. The bed was at the right side opposing the closet which is beside a small table. at the center of the room was a circular fabricated carpet. Only the brightness of the moon gives light to the dark room.

five hours before dawn, crunches, murmurs, groaning, moaning and screaming is being heard. The red fluid is all over the place, leaving no spot for dryness. Wet bed, wet floor, wet clothes, wet bodies, dried up brain dried up systems. halved body at the window, blood was scattered and stomach and intestines were busted. Hanged boy on the ceiling with a long rope and neck was squeezed, tied up hands and feet with blindfold full of blood. Torn up girl with arms, hands, feet, legs ripped apart, hair was scattered heart and eyes were ripped out, floor is slippery because of blood.

the howls of animals are the ones breaking the ice. The door was closed until it was opened by an exerted force from the outside by an old man. He was calm and perfectly confident while entering the room without getting any surprised. He gently pulled over a cart with cleaning materials and before the sun rise, the room was perfectly clean and comfy.

It's almost noon time but it's still dark and cold outside. The wind chime of the door of the small motel rang when a slim man entered the place.

"May I help you sir?"
"yes..i need a room pls.."

The old man handed the key indicated "room 401"
The slim guy used the stairs just tight beside the information desk. It's the fourth floor now, and the guy entered the first room. It was the same room as the one cleaned by the old man. He opened the window's curtain and left it open as he was trying to fell asleep. Facing the ceiling he's hearing footsteps and a very weird sound which freaked him out. I't a man's voice, deep and big. Like a voice coming from underground.

The next morning, the old man went to the same room with hi cleaning materials. He saw the man crucified on the wall with his hands and feet tied up. Rats, cockroach and worms are getting to his poo body. He was covered with bllod and eyes and tongue are out, almost falling to the fllor. HIs intestine and liver were sucked up and his organs was torn up. HIs heart was chopped and his body is surrounded by flies.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


it is a sunny afternoon in the beautiful school of PCSHS, a great day for all the students..Teachers and students having their lessons clearly and peacefully, learning new things and cracking jokes sometimes, some are playing inside their room with sily games, board games, card games or just made up ones, some are hanging out in the canteen while eating their fave meals, some are chatting with each other inside their room, beside the windows or electric fans to kill the heat while having a very comfty seat or lying to one's friend or some are..

it's already lunch time and they were all having great time when suddenly they felt the shaking of the ground, some felt it slightly some got dizzy until everyone got panic when they saw the chairs, tables, utensils and equipments inside the areas they were, shaking and most likely to fall. They heard a loud noise, a noise coming from the rooftop of the building, everybody looked up conciously and saw a big block of wood falling. One of the students was hit and got bleed. They all got panic, running, screaming, crying and pushing each other hardly just to survive and get to a safer place.

Minutes after same scenario is happening. The lights were flickering on and off until it explode and pieces of crystals and glasses fal onto the students which cause them wound and another factor to panic. Eveyone's shouting, screaming for help, everyone's destruct with the things falling onto them, the ceilings were starting to crash and the walls are ready to fall anytime. Everyone's murmuring saying their own prayers to save their own lives.

The windows and doors' glasses were smashed into pieces giving the students, teachers and staffs to pass in the hallway without getting hurt.

The floors were divided giving a way to hell, letting those bastards pigs of the school to be eaten alive(bwahahhah!!), the ground opened its mouth and took many lives running through to make their lives longer.

After almost 10 minutes of the normal time, but for those people who felt the fcukin' earthquake thought it would be forever and got theirselves alive. But many people died as well, casualties and injuries was reported and many lives were taken.

There are sound of ambulance and sirene of the firemen al over the place. Murmurs, gossips, cries all over the place. Dehydrated bodies cause of dried out tears.

to be continued...........still, again, can't think anything nice...

---i think i used nice and a little bit fine words here huh? hahahaha
what a story! so boring!!



start of December but nothing new...

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anyways... Edward Cullen sucks!!!................blood...........
hehehehe,,TWILIGHT's cool!!