Sunday, June 20, 2010

word + mon fever

nung una, JEJEMON = jeje (tawa) + mon (monster) ......
sumunod, GAGAMON = gaga (gaya- gaya) + mon (monster) ......
kanina nakita ko, PAKEMON = PAKE + MON mga taong mahilig daw sa magsabi ng "paki mo?!"
ANONG SUSUNOD??? hahahaha

nakakatawa lang kasi andaming page na sa FB na katulad nyan, JEJEON, GAGAMON, PAKEMON
tanong ko, anong susunod? may nagcomment sakin,
yung mga taong mahilig sa 'te (ate) sa dulo ng sentence ..hahaha
e.g. diba ganyan te?!
natawa lang ako, medyo bastos pero may point. DIBA?! hahaha

Anyway, from my original schedule of afternoon classes na TUE 4:30pm-9pm at FRI na 7:30-9pm,,, nabago ko na!! haha
morning classes na ko ngayon :D
at dahil 3 subjects lang ako ngayong sem, parang dumadaan lang ako sa PUP.
:D sarap buhay, pero medto boring din syempre.. haha

"may maipost lang na bago" haha


Friday, June 11, 2010


heya! It's a dark night, unlike the nights of summer...
la nina is coming!!! woohooo!!

and it will be so hard for us students T.T
especially college students!!! I just noticed, it has to be signal number 3 for the CHED to suspend college classes (esp. public universities) , but damn! signal number 2 is already a heavy rain! What else is signal number 3!
What are we?! Water proof students!!??
We're also humans like high school and elementary students! Though we're older, our schools are FAAAAAAR from our houses (for those who don't live in dormitories)!!! right?

I have no problem, I just thought of the times when h.s. students don't have classes and us college students have to endure heavy rains, wet clothes and muddy shoes!!.. haha

---------------- real purpose for this post is this!

maybe some of you are familiar of this korean girl group, maybe some are not.

Well, it is a fact that 93% of women in Korea had plastic surgery, and 53% of men did so.Almost all the handsome and pretty Koreans we see did undergo plastic surgerieeessss (and so are the artists and dance groups).. Is it a plastic country? hahahaha

but still, I was so shocked to see their pictures before surgery because I really admire them! Though I know they already did undergo surgeries, but I didn't imagined even once, that they look awful (sorry for the word) just like this.....

*you can click the link to see their after transfomation*

tada! this is soo young!!!

and this is hyoyeon!!!

tadaaa!! yoona!

here is tiffany!!!!!

yuri!!! (she's one of my favorite)

here is taeyeon! (she's already cute :] )

seohyun!! (she's my favorite)


and the greatest of aaaaaallll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-------and I still can't believe how great their surgeons are!!! :D
we can say that, those photos are their young state, but, WTH?! Even if you're young, if you are beautiful, it shows!!!! right?
***I am not against SNSD (so nyuh shi dae), I actually like them. I just want to share to you what I just knew :D

-------credits: super to junior @ livejournal


how's everyone? =)

ohyeah!!! I'm super back! how's everyone?
I got busy this past few days and viola!!! I'm already enrolled! haha
and I did had a celebration yesterday with my friends :)
we had a lot of fun.

and by the way, I'd like to share something...
--I know it's not right to listen to someone else's conversation BUT this woman is really shouting out loud her every words.. and all the other passengers including me turned their heads to her because of her disturbing conversation with someone on her cp.
Actually I was texting that time and I thought of typing her every word. haha
so here it is!

GIRL: Ano?! Ano ko tanga?! Gago!! Andyan yung susi! Baliw! Hindo ko alam yung susi. Nilapag ko dyan sa mga picture. Dyan ko nga nilagay!!
Style mo bulok! Alangan bumalik pa ko tanga. Ewan ko sayo. Di ko nga alam!! *with teeth grinning* ..Dyan ko nilagay! **sabay off ng cp**



another, try to check out this vid of cute babies!!! :)

twin babies laughing

P&B: Happy twin babies

Saturday, June 5, 2010



It's been a while, so how's everyone?
I am not yet enrolled!! haha (cause I'm a shiftee) for this incoming school year.. My enrollment is scheduled on Monday.
Good thing opening of classes in PUP Sta. Mesa in on June15.. whew!! :)

anyways, I have watched the anime MNEMOSYNE and it is great! It's just a 6-episode anime but really cool ;) if you're into anime and not yet seen this one, I strongly recommend it! haha


I've been having notes in my fb account and here's some pics I've posted :)

---iza :)