Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Since this a shit and a very unproductive non-sense day, my bullshit brain cannot think of any good shit right now. So now, I’ll just type some fcuked up things that I really do not know. Ahm,, maybe some of my damn thoughts I guess. Well, let’s start.

1.REASONS OF LOVING, just this night we talked about the reasons of loving a person, we both agreed and conclude that sometimes you don’t have to HAVE reasons in loving someone, coz when the time comes that this reason(s) of yours get gone, well, that’s a shit that we can say you don’t have any reasons at all to continue loving someone right?
2.DEATH, as what I also wanted, not too much, but I like topics regarding that matter. Let’s see, ahm.. what’s else can I say, oh yeah, some paradox about death. People will treat you or care a lot for you when your already struggling between life and death, next is that, everyone want to go to heaven but they do not want to die, WTF! How can you go to heaven without dying right?! Another, ahm, this is true; DEATH is more UNIVERSAL than LIFE. Why? Coz everyone dies but not everyone lives right?
3.FRIENDSHIP, not everyone you call “friend” is really a friend. I mean, some just want to benefit from you; some just want your company for some reasons, some maybe real, but not true. They’re there for you in almost good times, but when you’re in need, they can’t give you their whole hand, right? They change as time passes by and so are you. When communication is gone, the friendship will too. Some is very nice when in front of you but back stabs you when you’re gone. You think they’re your family but they’re not. Why? Coz they cannot sacrifice what they have for you unlike your real family, what will happen is that you’ll be the one to sacrifice sometimes. You cannot trust everyone, you cannot assure they’re true to you, you cannot see the real them until some thing would happen. Sometimes I always have doubts coz based on my experience though right now i’m happy with my friends.

----that’s all I guess, I can’t think of anything else.
----October 29, 2008

Just a quote for tonight

“Mag-ingat ka sa mga taong hindi mo kilala pero mas mag-ingat ka sa mga taong akala mo kilala mo pero hindi pla.”

“Minsan kapag nagmahal ka, dapat walang dahilan, dahil pag dumating ang araw na nawala na ang dahilan na ‘yon, parang wala ka na ring rason para mahalin ang taong ‘yon.”

Monday, October 27, 2008



What a day!! This day is a fcuking shit!! It’s happy and enjoying, somewhat ironic? Anyways, damn, what a day with such damn things as well, let’s start from the beginning..

7’11 Pasig wet market 7:00-9:00
--we’re waiting for someone we’re expecting to come but fcuking hell, no one appeared,

Sea breeze, Taguig approximately 10:00
--in the inspection section at the entrance of sea breeze resort, damn! They were really inspecting our things thoroughly but such idiots they didn’t caught as having an alcoholic beverage!! Bwahahah!!!

--we decided to have some rest and eat some snacks, and then we mixed the beer, yebah siesta time! But fcuking hell, that stupid staff checked our drink and found out that there’s a beer mixed with the coke. Good thing we have extra!! Bwahahah!!
--swimming time again, and this is the climax for the day! For me, perhaps, cause I almost got drown! Damn! Hahaha!! We got panic and tried to struggle, good thing it’s not htat too deep to die. Hahahaha, woooh! That’s an accident anyway. I feel stupid and such an idiot drowning myself accidentally and damn I got panic which I must not have done. Shame on me! Hahaha!!
--there’ this nut girl whose trying to be seductive where in fact she looks like a stripper and a trying hard bitch. Eeiw!! She’s not pretty nor sexy, she thinks she’s hot but she’s not.

-----what a day, I think that’s what all I can say for what happened today, and guess what, I think i’m using the word “what” in this sentence too much.. hahahaha

(in the pool)
-- ihi, utot, laway, sipon, libag, and many other microorganisms and bacteria came from those people in the pool!! Haha!
-- libreng lunod at pulikat
(in the resort, cottage rather)
-- libreng manyak at pagmamanyak
(in the jeep..papunta)
-- free sounds! hehe
-- ayeeeeeeehhhhh!!! hahaha!!! alam n yun! haha!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


“if he/she and I will go to hell, can we see each other there?”

“maybe you can’t notice, cause there are too many people in hell.”

---what a conversation!! Haha..yeah right, there are already too many souls in hell for you to join them! So before you leave this shit world, learn to do better things for yourself and to others as well.

---masyado ng maraming tao sa Impyerno kaya nakakahiyang makisama pa, di ba? Hahaha

Sa sobrang dami ng tarantadong tao sa lupa, pag namatay sa Impyerno nga ba talaga sila lagi bumabagsak? Edi kung ganon, mas mataas kung tutuusin ang labor force sa hell kaysa sa heaven? Di ba? Haha.. at malamang mas mataas din ang demand ng goods and services don. Edi ayos palang maging capitalist sa hell!! Haha!! Just kidding,--if I said an insult as a joke to you, would you accept it as purely a joke? Maybe not, cause other says that jokes are half meant, which means, you really mean what you says… Teka, bakit nagging joke bigla ang usapan?? Going back---------

Sinu-sino kaya ang tao sa Impyerno? O mapupunta? Sa tingin ko yun ung mga taong akala mo santo kung umasal at mangaral pero demonyo ang nasa loob. Sa tingin ko yung mga importanteng tao ng lipunan na masayang nakaupo habang naghihirap ang ibang tao kung kalian dapat nilang gawin ang mga bagay bagay at responsobilidad nila sa lupa. Siguto ung mga taong ngcommit ng isa o higit pa sa 7 deadly sins. Isang halimbawa, LUST, sa tagalog kalibugan, hindi mapagkakailang lahat tayo ngkasala ng ganyan. Isa pa, at sa tingin ko eto lahat damay, PRIDE..lahat ng tao may ganyan, ibig sabihin ba lahat tayo mapupuntang impyerno para mkidagdag sa populasyon ng mga makasalanan don? nakaktawa di ba,,o ako lang natawa? hahahah...

---------masyado n atang mhba tong entry n to, so im cutting it now.

blog tragedy

FYI....all the post you were about to read or see which are registered or created as of october 26, 2008 has been already made on about october 15,2008 onwards. I just made something, perhaps a mistake that ruined my blog so i have to delete it and now, i just created a new one.. ENJOY VIEWING!!!

why am i such a bastard thinking of such shit?

Sometimes I really don’t know what i’m thinking about or why i’m thinking of such things were in fact sometimes those are only shits and trash and fucking damn things that annoys me or disturbs my thinking. Damn! Sometimes i’m thinking of things which are out of this world, perhaps, for some people who have normal intellectual thinking unlike me.

I even imagine fucking things like, tragedies, accidents, events and stories which involves me and other people around me. I even think of shits that I would like to be real when I know deep inside me that those are only fantasies and dreams that can’t really come to life. Well, it’s just a matter of judgment by people who knows me or even for those who don’t know me and has no idea who I am.

Only few really know who I am. I even doubt if they really know my real attitude, personality and my thinking. I may be strong on the surface but not all the way through.

The idea that I have which provoked me to encode this shit post is that I’m thinking of someone. I’m thinking of someone who I have my doubts and I really don’t know what is up to him/her. (Let’s not specify the gender.. ) I would like to know everything about him/her, but I really don not know why. Sometimes i’m thinking of some fucked up things about the two of us that I think, I think, that could be a reality or true between us and can also be a fiction. Sometimes I feel something that I could not describe, that even I, myself, do not know what. (a little bit ironic for me).

To cut this shit which I also do not know where it goes, it’s just that... Ahm…I really don’t know... Hahahaha!!


Done with bitch, let’s go with the shit.

Now this shit with nothing at all. Thinking only his self and having good time anytime he wants not thinking of others even his family. This shit who loves to fuck and fuck and inhale the smoke, burning his lungs with Mary Jane, melting his brain with the dope, ruining his system with gallons of liquor. He has a family, biologically but not psychologically. They want him to die as soon as possible, fir he’s just a big burden and hey almost carry the weight of the heavy world. He’s a pain in the ass with no good shit to do. He’s a big damn parasite living in the hole. He got no job, no amore for his family especially to his wife whom he thinks and treats as a fucking trash. After he fuck her and give her the shit, he’ll run away for good and have some fucking time with other bitches.

Now after the years, he gives his family the burden of his fucking flaws and shit doings. Now they pay for him, instead of enjoying their wonderful fucked up life. He gives them a lot of shit, with the way this damn fucking bastard lives. ----Alright, now this shit isn’t going anywhere, i’m done with it for tonight and I’ll continue when something came into my fcking damn brain-----

As day passes, becoming weeks, turning into months and soon will be years. He’s a big shit lying in the house, ruining the four corners of this shit home. Every night he comes home with the smell of liquor and with some shit annoying words tend to ruin every night of his family’s life. He’s worthless, a sick bastard and a sloth full of lust.

Every night of his wife’s life, he turns it into hell whenever he comes to the shit place. He’s just giving some kick and slap on the face. Now they’re full of hatred with sick words of bullshit facts towards him. Every time they wish him death, for his departure’s not a lost for those people around him. Even this shit thinks that there are people who’s caring for him, well fuck you asshole, there’s no one left for you. Even those bitches he had fucked doesn’t even know him much, because these strippers only know you if they smell money in your pocket.

He talks while asleep, things out of this shit world. And because he’s a shit, the fucking hell I care?! -------Now where this fucking story does goes? -------

Even his mother and siblings does not want to accept this shit because of his damn fucking flaws and doings. -----Yeah, it’s just a matter of something; you’re useless in this world even to your own family if you have nothing to trade with---- Now he’s jobless, loveless, but still lustful and a damn sloth.

He just does what he wants and what he thinks, with his useless brain and sick system. He’s a trash and a big worm in the butt hole. This shit story has no where to go because he’s a no body after all. So why spend time on a shit bastard when you can do other beneficial shit that will help yourself.. That’s the shit story with nonsense events. ---END


After their damn talk is done with all the shit they’ve done. A man with a rising location comes and asks them for a fun time. As usual these strippers will say yes and enjoy the rest of the season.

Fucking time is over now they have the bucks, ready to go drugs and to have some mary jane in their pocket. With these bitches all over the shit town, descent wives engaged to their fucking loving husbands will have a problem and confrontation with these shit strippers.

All along they’ll have fun not realizing the damn infection they may carry with these strippers, bitches, fuckers, and assholes around. –what now? What will happen to this shit story?? I do not know!! Hahahaha!!!------

Fun time is over and this bitch got her money and done with her pleasure with her shit nest wet all over and her mountains already distorted through the years. Not contented she stills from the bastard’s pocket. Another day comes and same events occur. It’s always a shit damn day for those strippers looking for fuckers.

Another snake looking for a destination comes over to her nest to have some pleasure. Now he takes off all her shit dress seeing her fucked up body with filthy shits on it, marks made by her past times. She touches the bastard’s chest licking with the pleasure going down to the rising pole, giving it the tickle which makes him moan, the pleasure of sucking with his bird in her mouth and the shit dirty stuff inside of it.

Not just enough pleasure when a shot hits his head, not knowing she was next, with the bullet in his head the bitch stripper got away. Now she’s being hunted with the bastard men calling their selves as cops. After weeks of hiding in their small shit town, the bastards found her and put her behind the bar. Now this bitch has no reason and cannot make move for her escape. –what a story?! Now I’ll try to end up this shit note---

Now she has no one except her damn fucked up temple with a filthy shit on it. Getting imprisoned not knowing what happened, this crazy bitch gave herself a shot. Shot all over her body with a bull’s eye on her cave. ---aw!! That’s an ouch?!—

Stupid bitch got away now she’s forever in jail, underneath the floor; 6ft below the ground…

-----------------------This is a shit story and a fucking non-sense one. It’s a crazy one and even I do not know what’s going on.. Im doing this shit in the middle of the night and got no idea what is it all about-----------------------END


---alright, I really don’t know where the hell this fucking story goes and what the hell I am thinking right now, but this bitch damn thing really drives me off my shit---

This man she met swept her off her feet. She never found a very good damn guy like this before. After their fucking session, she still craves for more. –Crazy bitch, she really loves to be fuck, is her cave not loose enough? ---

He’s smooth and gentle, goes deep down, deep enough to carry his big bird down to her loose nest. Even the cave’s so dark and filthy enough, this bird still can’t hold longer for the lust is going up to his head craving for more fucking time. She loves her so much; she can have a hundred orgasms and thousands of penetration whenever he’s going to stick his location to the right destination. –Yeah this bitch is really damn totally fucked up---

This bitch really doesn’t care about her child, but only to herself, she doesn’t even know where the hell her other child are. She’s a damn fucked up mother, fucked by men all around him, fucked by her son, used by herself. Do not her mountains get loose too? Or her road curves get neither wide nor too narrow? Or her really shit black nest doesn’t get tired after all, almost 20 years of her life she’s being used by those mother fuckers. –I still cannot think of any reasons why I am doing this? ----

Stand by spending time in the streets with her fucked up friends as well, strippers of course, they telling shit stories of non-sense...---I think what i’m doing doesn’t have a sense either, I think I just like to spend some time, not by being fucked, hahahaha-----

Their proud to tell their fucking stories with their shit friends while waiting for a damn asshole ready and willing to fuck them. Once this bitch has told a story about how this precious man of her pleasure gave her the feeling of heaven with its snake invading her cave. First he’ll give her a giggle and slowly penetrates in her with his tongue licking over her temple with his hands conquering her mountains slowly shaping her road curves and gives the tickle in her nuts. –is this a pornographic story or what?!?--- He’ll massage her lips with his tongue like she wants to press it all over again with the way he’s giving her the pleasure of sucking his dick. Flattening the surface of her mountains with his tongue giving them new way of shaping, all the way through her cave slowly the snake giving it a twist and a little more fun to kill the boredom and give more pleasure... ---I really fucking don’t know where i’m getting this stuffs in my brain?!?--- and it will slowly control her and now his bird can manipulate her moan with the way his entering the cave and give it a shot and another shot getting faster and faster until she can’t control him and he’ll just feel the spit of glory and give it a taste to her. ---damn! What the fuck is this?!?----


Once upon a time in a shit far away damn land lives a stripper named “bitch” who loves to be fuck of whomever she likes. For example is an incident when an asshole passed by her house and asked for direction, she just seduced this damn asshole, and what the fuck, the fucker was seduced and attracted with the stripper and they had a nice time fucking each other for hours without noticing that it’s already midnight. Going back to the present, this bitch has two sons and three daughters. Her first son was a drug pusher who’s also addicted to Mary Jane while her next child is a female who became a stripper as well. Her third child was a girl too, also addicted to those shit drugs and loves to hang out with her homosexual bastard friends who have no direction in life like her. The fourth child is named black sponge because of her off-showing cave in the public due to that she’s an autistic with no one to take care.

Her last child was the boy who was just about 13 years in age already knows the trade in life. He already has customers for his strippers, fascinating right? In the age of 16 his addicted to mary jane too, also with cocaine and ecstasy, he even know almost every drugs being allocated in there are, who’s the dealer, who’s the manager, the pushers and the users as well. By the age of 20, really cool that this asshole is fucking her 35 year old bitch mother, ---wait, 35 years old? In what age did this bitch got pregnant? If his age gap with his 5th child is only 15? Yeah, maybe in the age of 10 this bitch got her period and suddenly popped her tummy----

--I really don’t know what the fuck I am thinking about how this story goes,

Going back in the story of the bitch stripper, in the age of 40 she still has the glamour and seductive sense and damn devastating sex appeal. Same events occur in her life as years pass by. Sleep, eat, prepare herself, fucked up, sleep, eat, and prepare herself, fucked up. Good thing that contraceptives especially this damn condom was invented, or else, many fertilized egg and sperm cell were now in the trash cans all over their place.

She had been in many cribs and places of men who love to fuck her so much that their spit of glory can’t wait any longer. She sucks their dicks and put them in her cave until its tired and loose out. They fuck her in different position until their damn energy decrease. The demand for her is getting higher for the reason that they say she’s really good. But her damn location is fucking loose up and I don’t think it can no longer penetrate anymore.

The man’s birds are longing for this bitch’s black nest were they can relax and do some exercise and experiment if they want. They enjoy her big mountains and road curves which are really seductive.

Until an unexpected shit day came into her life when someone asked her and showed care for her. –damn, this is not a love story people? This is a shit story!!—

from friends to bitches

so I came over here to ask you to dance, but I'm kind of concerned.
I mean, we could hit it off really well, end up having a few drinks,
next thing you know you're giving me your number because I'm too shy to ask for it, I finally get up the nerve to call and we take in a movie, have some dinner,
I relax, you relax, we go out a few more times, get to know each other's friends, spend a lot of time together, then finally have get past this sexual tension and really develop this intense sex life that is truly incredible, decide our relationship is solid and stable, so we move in together for a while, then a few months later get married, I get a promotion, you get a promotion, we buy a bigger house. You really want kids, but I really want freedom, but we have a kid anyway, only to find that I am resentful, the sparks start to fade and to rekindle them we have two more lovely kids, but now I work too much to keep up with the bills, have no time for you, you're stressed and stop taking really good care of yourself, so to get past our slow sex life and my declining self-confidence I turn to an outside affair for sexual gratification. You find out because I'm careless and a lousy liar, you throw me out (justifiably so) and we have to explain to the kids why mommy and daddy are splitting up. That's just too sad. Think about the children! For God's sake, if you dance with me and we hit it off, let's just keep it sexual, because we both know where it's going.


last night is a very good night!!!
haha,,,i planned not to include this in my blog but since im happy and inspired, i decided to encode it,,

just last night, about 7pm of October 22, 2008,
me and my "special friend" had a great conversation which led to a a 'very nice sweet talk',,

so to make the long story short, that night was great! im so happy!! =]


so now, today....ahm,,what else happened?
oh! yeah the quarter exam, damn! the biology test was a shit hard!
haha!! i almost copied everything!! bwahaha!!! sssssssshhhhh!!!!!!
but ofcourse even there's a damn test, there's a sweet thing.. =]
we don't have an elective test, obviously coz we don't have a teacher,,

niweiz,, other bullshit things happened, like the damn filipino project, that was a fcuk! and a damn conversation among the bullshit and bullsquared is a fcuking non-sense shit...
we're puking money on that shit!! but what i love the most is that me and my special friend again is now in good terms........ =]

what had happened between us is a shit on my back!!
i realized everything and i swore to myself not to do the same shit again, coz i know that's my damn fault though..hahaha,,,
ok,, that's it.. i cannot think of any damn shit as of now...


yes!! what a very happy day!!

after those uncomfortable days, now is the day!!
even though those fucking tests were damn hard,
im still happy because my FRIEND and I were now in good terms..