Monday, January 18, 2010

reaction paper


This kind of disorder may be rare but it is sometimes a common one. When it comes to our usual life, these kinds of incidents may be everywhere. It is said that “the items are not stolen to express anger or vengeance. There is usually a feeling of tension before stealing, and a sense of pleasure at the time of the theft.” Based on my experienced knowledge, it is indeed that kleptomaniacs feel the pleasure while or after in the act of theft. They may sometimes feel insecurity or just got the feeling of stealing something from others that they know in their selves that the thing they stole is not what they need or even want. I have read a different article, a sort of study that, it is true where in this disorder is more frequent to female than to males. As it is compared to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the tendency of doing this illegal act in means of theft will be done by kleptomaniacs again and again whenever they feel the pleasure.


Emotional eating is common. Some people find comfort with eating food. When they are lonely, they intend to eat more food than what they usually consume. Anger, disappointment, fear and being confuse are just some emotions which triggers someone to eat food and find it as their friend and companion as what mentioned in the article. This is a true case as I, myself, intend to eat more than what I usually consume when I’m happy or not eating at all when I’m lonely. Some people may have or do the reverse process. They eat when they have negative emotions like Nita, Julie and Ann. It was mentioned that, “Food is no longer simply fuel for her body. It has become her drug of choice, her friend, companion, comfort and distraction from the unpleasant emotional experiences of daily life.” This statement shows that people become independent with food that they find it as a cure with their emotional stress. This may be an advantage because instead of using drugs or drinking alcohol to distract oneself from unpleasant experience, they found a better way to release their emotion which is by eating. But, this could also be more of a disadvantage. Because when a person practices emotional eating in ways that he cannot control his eating habits anymore, and eats too much whenever he is in the state of stress, he could be too fat and become an obese person which may cause him illnesses like heart attack or high blood.



Sunday, January 17, 2010


NOTE: This images are downloaded from other websites and is uploaded in my site.




(set 9)

"Sometimes, we need to go deep down ourselves to solve the problem.

---patrick star "

"If you fail to PLAN, you plan to FAIL."

"Minsan kailanganng ituro ng mundo sayo ang tama sa paraang masasaktan ka para matandaan mo.

---bob ong "

"You can easily fully understand what you have done to others,
when someone else does the same thing to you."

"Knowing that you are so much loved by someone makes every morning worth getting up for."

"It's impossible to find someone who will never hurt you.
So do yourself a favor,
get the next best thing.
Find someone who's worth the torture."

"Ang kaibigan ko ay parang lata,
maingay pero hindi PLASTIK."

"Minsan gusto kong tumakbo sayo para makalimutan ka.
Pero kahit saan ako magpunta, dala ko pa rin ang puso kong,
ang tanging laman ay IKAW."

"Ang PAG-IBIG masarap pakinggan,
madaling paniwalaan,
pero kung hindi mo kayang panindigan,
wag mo nalang umpisahan PARA WALANG MASASAKTAN."

"What you see is what you get,

Pani ba yan? Nakita kita.

So akin ka na? :) "

"It made me wonder how many times we forgive just because we don't want to lose someone.
Even of they don't deserve our forgiveness."

"Sa tinagal tagal ng pagsasama natin,
hindi mo pa rin ako magawang mahalin.



Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today is a special day. The special day is today, therefore, today is a special day!

I had earlier plans for today, specifically going to a business, but it was canceled. Kind a good thing so I can hang out with my best friend. Come on! today is 16.. :)

It was late in the afternoon. I decided to I waited for her class to be dismissed.




And there she is! We walked out of the fast food resto and dropped by the drugstore to buy a sterile water. For what? For injection!
But why? WHY?

She’s going to practice injection procedures on me. HAHAHA. I know it won’t hurt, and if it does, I guess I won’t mind. HAHAHA. She’s a nursing student, that’s why she needs to practice for their demonstrations.

It’s already dark now.

Before going to their house, we bought a snack.. :) the favorite hopia. Hahaha.
Alright, so now we’re in their house and started the project 101.. haha! The injection process!
When she was about to begin with my arm, I can feel that she’s nervous. Haha. Normal reaction yeah. It was fun, cause I also tried it on her, though I already know how.
Isn’t it fun? hahaha


Friday, January 15, 2010


I was walking down the street about half an hour ago with my friend. I was kinda left behind when she shouted my name and pointed her finger behind me. I immediately turned around and saw a BEGGAR suddenly moved away from me. He was at 12-14 of age, dark and sooooooo dirty. I held on my bag and found out that my bag front pocket was open. Again, I was totally close in the state of being a robbery victim.

I barely felt his presence behind me. Good thing my friend saw that fucking beggar.
I know I am good-looking, (HAHAHAHAHA) but definitely I'm not rich looking! So I don't know why this was the 4th incident when someone was trying to rob my bag.
This just means only one thing. CRIMINALS don't choose, once they see an opportunity, they will grab it and trick people.

This is why I seldom, sometimes, NEVER EVER TRUST A BEGGAR, ESPECIALLY STREET CHILDREN or PEOPLE. They are sinister, uses other people to gain for their own, evil-minded, trouble makers, ill mannered, CRIMINALS.
I don't give a general judgment, BUT, majority. Mostly, all of them won't do good.
This is reality. And you cannot argue with that.


Thursday, January 14, 2010


(set 8)

"Of he acts like you're not worth his time,
maybe you're not what he want..
you might be just a replacement of what he can't have."

"Sometimes, just to make sure I was wrong, I'd make the same mistake twice."

"Nobita: doraemon! meron ka ba dyang magagamit ko para mapasagot agad si Sishuka?
Doraemon: oo meron,
Nobita: Pahiram ako!
Doraemon: Ayooko nga! Kung mahal mo talaga ang isang tao, hihintayin mo sya kahit ganu pa katagal.


"If someone seriously wants to be part of your life, they will SERIOUSLY make an EFFORT to be in it."

"Love is when ,
at the verge of your anger and
at the worst of your mood,
you could still say,

"A lot of things could be said within a little period of time. But what matters is how long will you really mean it."

"Ever realize why the sweetest moments in life require a little effort?
It's because when you're really special for someone, you can make the person feel loved by just being there."

"Yummy people are hard to find...
That's why you don't see me often."

"Pinapaikot-ikot mo lang ako.

--electric fan :) "

"Kung paggising mo ay pula ang kisame at puro dugo ang paligid.
Wag kang mag alala, wala ka sa impyerno,
andito ka lang sa puso ko. :) "

" GIRL: ayoko na! magbreak na tayo!
BOY: Osige! bahala ka! Sa tingin mo makakhanap ka pa ng tulad ko?!
GIRL: Bakit sa tingin mo maghahanap ako ng tulad mo?!

...barado! :D "

" Iisa lang ako! Andami dami nyo!

--8888 :) "

funny pictures :)

this images were uploaded from another website.
making offenses are not part of the publishing, it's just for fun. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



boy- i missed u at school 2day, y weren’t u there?

girl- yeah, i had to go to the doctor.

boy- oh really? y?

girl- oh nothin, annual shots, thats all.

boy- oh

girl- so what did we do in math 2day?

boy- u didnt miss nuthing that great. just lots of notes

girl- ok good

boy- yeah

girl- hey i have a question……

boy- ok, ask away

girl-how much do u love me?

boy- u kno i love u more than anything

girl- yeah…..

boy- y did u ask?

girl- *silence*

boy- is something wrong?

girl- no nothing at all

boy- good.

girl- how much do u care about me?

boy- i would give u the world in a heartbeat if i could.

girl- u would?

boy- yeah.of course i would *sounding worried* is there something wrong??

girl- no, everythings fine……

boy- are u sure?

girl- yeah.

boy- ok…….i hope so.

girl-would u die for me?

boy- i would take a bullet for u anyday, hun

girl- really?

boy- anyday. now seriously, is there something wrong???

girl- no im fine, ur fine, we’re fine, everyones fine.

boy- …………ok

girl- well i have to go ill c u 2morrow at school.

boy- alright, bye. I LOVE YOU.

girl- yeah, i love u 2, bye.


boy- hey, have u seen my g/f 2day?

friend- no

boy- oh.

friend- she wasnt here yesterday either.

boy- i know, she was acting all wierd on the phone last nite.

friend- well dude u kno how gurls are sumtimes

boy- yeah.but not her.

friend- idk what else 2 say, man.

boy- k well i gotta get 2 english, ill c ya after school.

friend- yeah i gotta get to science, ttyl.



girl- hello?

boy- hey

girl- oh, hi.

boy- y weren’t u at school 2day?

girl- uh…….i had another doctor appointment.

boy- are u sick?

girl- um i have 2 go, my mom’s callin on my other line.

boy- ill wait.

girl- it may take a while, ill call u later.

boy-alright,i love u hun.

very long pause*

girl- *with tear in her eye* look, i think we should break up.

boy- what???

girl- its the best thing for us right now.

boy- y????

girl- i love u.



boy- hey dude

friend- hey

boy- whats up

friend- nothin, hey have u talked 2 ur ex lately?

boy- no

friend- so u didnt hear?

boy- hear what?

friend- um idk if i should be the one to tell u……

boy- dude, wtf tell me

friend- uh….call this number. 433-555-3468

boy- ok…………



voice- hello, suppam county hospital, this is nurse beckam.

boy- uh…….i must have the wrong number, im looking for my friend.

voice- what is her name, sir?
(boy gives info)

voice- yes, this is the right number, she is one of our patients here.

boy- really? y? what happened??? how is she???

voice- her room number is ..646, in building A, suite 3.

boy- WHAT HAPPENED??!!!!

voice- plz come by sir and you can see her, goodbye.

boy- WAIT! NO!
*dial tone*


boy- omg are u ok??

girl- .

boy- sweetie!! talk to me!!

girl- i……….

boy- u what?? U WHAT???

girl- i have cancer and im on life support

boy- *breaks into tears*

girl- they’re taking me off 2night

boy- y??

girl- i wanted 2 tell u but i couldnt

boy- y didnt u tell me????

girl- i didnt want 2 hurt u.

boy- u could never hurt me

girl- i just wanted 2 c if u felt bout me as the same i felt bout u.

boy- ?

girl- i love u more than anything, i would give u the world in a heartbeat. i would die for you and take a bullet for you.

boy- ………..

girl- dont be sad, i love u n ill always be here w/u

boy- then y’d u break up w/me?

nurse- young man, visiting hours are over.


but what the boy didn’t kno is that the girl only asked him those questions so she could hear him say it one last time, and she only broke up w/him because she knew she only had 3 more weeks to live, and thought it would cause him less pain and give him time to get over her before she died.


the boy is found dead with a gun in his hand..with a note in the other…
THE NOTE SAID: i told her i would take a bullet for her….just like she said she would die for me…

....I've red this story from 'notes' in facebook of one of my friends :)


base on stories I've heard, this shadow puppet was done for the entertainment of a queen. I forgot what country. It's nice and it amazed me. :)
hope you'll like it.


(set 7)

"There are two greatest days in our life.
The day we were born and the day we discovered who was born for us."

"They laugh at me cause I'm different.
I laugh at them because they're all the same...
It's not that I like being different, I just don't see the point of trying to be like everyone else."

"We don't need to rush things. If somethings bound to happen, it will happen. In the right time, with the right person and with the best reasons."

" 'Why do it today if you have tomorrow?'


'You do it today because today is yesterday's tomorrow.'

--spongebob "

"It's easy to think what is right than to see what is true,
so love the person you see is true..
Love is not blind. It sees but it doesn't mind."

"If somebody is taking advantage of your feelings knowing that you love him or her.
Then tell him or her this,
'I'm just inlove but I'm not desperate.' "

"Is it wrong to give a hug,
a kiss, to make memories even though you are not lovers?
It may be..
but remember,
the sweetest things are gained accidentally.'

"BF at GF nag aaway sa text:

GF: anu bang problema mo?
BF: wala akong problema! ikaw ang may problema! Sino ba kasama mo kagabe?!
(after 20mins hindi pa rin nagrereply si gf)
BF: anu ba? bat di ka nagrereply?
GF: teka anu ba! naghaharvest ako!!

aun oh! may pangtapat na sa DOTA! hahaha"

"Kung galit ka sa isang tao, wag mong ipanalangin na may mangyaring masam sa kanya,
ikaw na mismo ang gumawa para atleast sure kang may nangyari nga :) "

Sunday, January 10, 2010

NOBODY tagalog version

NOBODY parody...


(set 6)

"The shit you here about me might be true.
But then again, it might be fake
as the bitch who told you."

"I do what I want.
It's not about what people are saying,
It's about me."

"It's funny how day by day nothing changes,
but when you look back, everything is different."

"Every story has an end,
but in LIFE, ends are just beginnings."

"I was a little upset when I saw you with her,
but I laughed cause she's UGLY."

"the more time you spend with the wrong person shortens the time you may spend with the right one."

"Someday, someone's gonna be afraid of losing me."

"A man asked,
'How can you believe there's God when there are so many problem in the world."
the other man replied,
'With all these problem, how can we possibly make it without God?' "

"Huwag mong isuko ang isang bagay na alam mong kaya mo pang-ipaglaban.
Mahirap maghintay pero mas mahirap magsisi."

"Kung nagmamahal ka, wala ka dapat hinging kapalit. Magmahal ka ng walang inaasahan, sa ganoong paraan, hindi ka masasaktan. Pero kung hindi talaga para sayo ang pagmamahal na iyon, matuto kang magparaya."

"Malalaman mong mahal mo ang isang tao kapag lahat ng standards mo.

"Alam mo ba kung gaano kalayo ang pagitan ng dalawang tao kapag nagtalikuran na sila? Kailangan mong libutin ang buong mundo para makaharap ulit ang taong tinalikuran mo.

- Bob Ong"

"Love is always possible after friendship,
but friendship may be impossible after love."

"Kapag may nakita kang malaking star sa malayo.
Sundan mo...
At hanapin mo kung saan galing.
Lumapit ka pero huwag kang mag-wish.
Dahil, caltex yun."

"It's sad when two people see the same star,
And yet wish two different things.
He waits for her...
She waits for someone.
And so they never meet."

"Kung TANGA siya sa pag-iwan sa'yo, maging MATALINO ka para hayaan siya."

"Ang mag-syota, kapag pangit ang lalaki at maganda yung babae...
Ang tawag dun, DISKARTE.
Kapag pangit ang babae, at gwapo ang lalaki...
Ang tawag dun, GINAYUMA.
Kapag pareho silang maganda.
Ang tawag dun, ITINADHANA.
At kapag ang magsyota ay parehas pangit,
Yan ang tinatawag na, NO CHOICE."

"I love you, you hate me.
You're inlove but not with me, now my heart is scattered and in pieces coz of you,
when will I be happy too?

--barney emo song :) "

"Never choose to be wrong for the sake of being different."


Ngarag ang araw na ito!
hahaha! Pagsabayin ba naman ang ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENTAL EXAM at SECTION PROJECT SA P.E.. Hindi ko pa natapos sagutan ang mga tanong sa asignaturang pagtutuos kaya naman hinulaan ko nalamang ang humigit limang tanong dahil sa kakulangan ng oras.

ito ang unang pagkakataon na nagsama-sama ang BSA 1-14D sa paggawa ng isang section project.
Ang pagdedesign ng sangkatutak na bilao.
Umuula ng tela, garter, yarn at bilao sa paligid.
HUmigit kumulang singkwentang yarda ng tela ang nakokonsyumo namin sa proyektong ito.
Isama mo pa ang daang yarda ng garter at ilang rolyo ng yarn. Pati masking tape, gunting at compass binili na. Buti nalang kahit saan ka lumingon sa PUP eh napakaramaing tindahan. HAHAHA.

Hindi pa magkanda-ugaga dahil sa dalawang daang piraso ng bilog na tela, style shower cap na tatahiin. Kanya kanyang diskarte at pag uwi sa bahay ng mga gagawin.

Naghintay pa kami ng halos 2 oras dahil bumii sa divisoria ng bilao ang iba naming classmate. Kung saan saan namin inisip pumunta, Sobrang mga gutoom na kaya ang iba samin pumunta munang centerpoint para kumain at magpalamig.

Pagbalik sa PUP, sa basketball court sa Teresa St. din nauwi ang venue namin.
HAHAHA. Sa sobrang tagal namin sa maynila pakiramdam ko isang linggo na kong hindi umuuwi. Tinetext at pinapauwi na nga ako ng nanay ko. Halatang miss na ko ng mga tao sa bahay namin.HAHAHA.

At the end of the day, nakaraos naman at kahit papano ay kalahati na sa 200 pirasong shower cap style na pangsaklob sa bilao ang naisaayos namin.


Friday, January 8, 2010


I sense. I think. I know something sinister is going on.

Earlier this night, just about an hour ago, I'm almost near to the state of being a robbery victim.
Me and my special friend were walking down the street at the market place when suddenly I felt a heavy feeling or sort of sense on my back. On my bag. I immediately stopped and hurriedly turn around. Some dirty guy was behind me. I got a glimpse of his hand opening the small front pocket of my bag then he saw me and alertly stopped what his doing like he's just walking like a normal citizen with no evil business.
He turned around scratching his ass just to have a simple excuse to deny his real purpose.

This was the third time that someone is going to open my bag, for robbery purposes, but no one has ever succeeded. HAHAHA. I always bust them. Even I always use backpack, I can still manage to feel and take care of my things.



Thursday, January 7, 2010


For those who are interested, send me a message at

or leave a comment on my chat box with your email add..

This is not networking but has a common step, you have to invest a particular amount of cash to get started and invite your friends as well to earn more.

--iza salazar

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


(set 5)

"When your heart speaks, take down good notes."

"It's crazy, right?
to love someone who hurt you,
but it's crazier to think that the person who hurt you loves you."

"Love without fear,
trust without wandering,
love me without restrictions,
want me without demand,
accept me how I am'

"Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about."

"Just because I'm busy,
doesn't mean I don't love you."

"Everyone has their own reason in waking up,
mine is YOU"

"Erasing yourself from someone's life is not as easy as walking out of the door."

"When I tell you I love you,
it doesn't came out of a habit or just to make a conversation,
I say it to remind you that.....
you're the best thing that ever happened to me."

"In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

"You could only push away a girl for so long
until she walks out of your life on her own.
But be sure that's what you want.
Because once she turn around,
She's never coming back."

"The only thing that I will always have are the memories."

"Everyone wants to be happy,
Nobody wants pain,
but you can never have rainbow
without a rain."

"If you are sitting alone, don't worry, someone's destined to sit beside you..

at kapag puno na ang jeep, aalis na!!!"

"I wish you were a guitar,
cause guitars have good shape,
eh ikaw, wala!!"

"B- est
T- ightest
C- oolest
H- omegirl"

some of the best times you will never remember"

"I may have a bad mouth,
but I can do great things with it."

"There are 3 types of people in the world.
those who
-make things happen
those who
-watch things happen
those who
-wander what happened."


(set 4) ~cheesy lines

" Pwede ba kitang maging sidecar??
single kasi ako eh.."

"Me lisensya ka ba??
coz you’re driving me crazy eh.."

"May kilala ka bang gumagawa ng relo??
may sira ata relo ko.. pag ikaw kasi kasama ko, humihinto ang oras ko.."

"Grabe nakakatawa yung mga pick-up lines noh?? hahaha! May alam ka pa bang iba?? Wala na akong maisip eh..
coz all i ever think of is you.."

"I’m a bee..
can you be my honey??"

"Nakakatakot diba ang multo??
pero mas nakakatakot kapag nawala ka sa buhay ko.."

" Am i a bad shooter??
coz i keep on missing you.."

"May lahi ka bang aswang??
ang pangit mo kasi eh.."

" Naniniwala ka ba sa love at first sight??
O gusto mong dumaan ulit ako??"

" Mabilis ka siguro sa mga puzzle noh??
kasi kakasimula pa lang ng araw ko, pero nabuo mo na agad.."

" Excuse me.. Are you a dictionary??
-because you give meaning to my life.."

" Bangin ka ba??
nahuhulog kasi ako sa’yo.."

"Pustiso ka ba??
kasi, can’t smile without you.."

" Pagod na pagod ka na noh??
maghapon at magdamag kana kasing tumatakbo sa isipan ko eh.."

"nasan ka kagabi?
wala ka ata sa panaginip ko! (yun yon eh!)"

"naka-kain ka ba ng watusi?
pag nag-ssmile ka kasi, may nakikita akong spark."

"I hate all the letters of the alphabet, but I love 'U'"

"(guy walks towards the girl na parang galit) 'Miss, ok ka rin noh?! ang kapal ng mukha mo! (so medyo shocked ung girl sabay hirit ng) "Hindi pa nga kita nakikilala pina-ibig mo na ang puso ko."

"Para kang plema,,,
di ka maalis sa dibdib ko!"

"Can i take ur clothes off? kahit isang beses lang...
i jst wanna know kung pano tinatago ng mga anghel ang kanilang pakpak.. (manyak!)"

"Miss...SM ka ba??
kasi you've got it all!"

"Gutom ka ba??
Tara , bubusugin kita sa pagmamahal ko..."

"Matador ka ba!?
kasi ang lakas ng tama ko sayo!"


(set 3)

" Forget WHAT IF's....
Because the more you ask yourself with these, the more you making yourself feel that you made the wrong choice.."

"Funny how sometimes you're missing someone but when that someone show up,
you do NOTHING!"

" I can hide the pain that I feel and make others think that I man move on..
but I can't never deny the truth that...
the person who failed and hurt me is still the same person I wish to love me.."

"If there is ONE lesson we young adults ought to learn,
it should be MATURITY.
maturity in LOVING and maturity to never be BITTER if things don't work out."

" Sana signal nalang ako ng cellphone mo,

para kapag nawala ako, pipilitin mong maibalik ulit ako"

" A boy and her gf were watching movies in the cinema,
a mosquito entered the girl's skirt....
guess where it bites??


sa kamay ni boy...hahaha"

"Para makalimot ka sa taong mahal mo, dapat maghanap ka ng bagong paglalaanan ng pagamamahal mo,
hindi ng BAGONG SIM...

"Hindi porke cute, sexy at maganda,
eh ako na un....

isipin nyo din naman ung iba! baka magtampo sila..


" Minamalat na naman ang puso ko..
paano kasi, laging sinisigaw ang pangalan mo.."

" Ikaw ba may-ari ng Crayola??
ikaw kasi nagbibigay ng kulay sa buhay ko.."

" Uy picture tayo!!
para ma-develop tayo!!"

" Kung ikaw ay bola at ako ang player, mashushoot ba kita??
hinde, para lagi kita mamimiss.."

" Can i take your picture??
coz i want to show Santa exactly what i want for christmas!!'

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i'm kinda taking my time here on my blog cause for the following days I know I won't have time for it..
So now I've decided to post some funny pictures. :)
Hope you'll like it.



this pictures are kinda.. I don't know..haha..
it may not be suitable for others..
but we all know this tragic event which doomed almost everyone..

enjoy viewing some pictures :)
I got it from



haha... (set 2)

"Minsan ang quotes parang ligaw na bala,
kahit hindi para sayo,

tinatamaan ka."

"Mahirap pumapel sa buhay ng taong mahal mo,
lalo na kung hindi ikaw ang BIDA sa script na pinili nya."

"Nobody could ever make you smile for no apparent reason except for the person who's on your mind right now."

"Flashbacks makes you smile:

Hindi ka raw naging bata kung hindi mo naisulat ang pangalan mo sa maalikabok na sasakyan o bintana"



By factoring:
Divide both sides by (1+NO)

kaya wag na tayo mag aral :D "

"Pinaka common mistake ng isang girl during a job interview ay ang pagsagot ng,


"Akala ko sila pa, KAMI NA PALA

---rason ng mga estudyanteng hindi handa sa kanilang report."

"Juan: Bakit ba may asin sa dagat?
Pedro: Sinadya yun ni Lord para di mapanis ang mga isda."

"Ang life natin "GANYAN TALAGA",
Umiiyak tayo, "GANYAN TALAGA".
Nagmamahal tayo, "GANYAN TALAGA".
Nasasaktan tayo, "GANYAN TALAGA".
Cute daw ako?

"Teacher: Juan, give me a color that starts with letter "M" except maroon.
Juan: Hmmmmm... Maitim! Madilaw! Mamink-mink! Mukhang berde! Medyo asul!
Teacher: Gago!"

"Kung kasalanan maging HOT.
Ar kung kasalanan maging YUMMY.
Eh di...
I'm SORRY. hehe."

"Minsan may minahal ako.
I'm willing to take all the risk for him.
As in lahat...
Yun pala..
Siya rin, willing to give up everything.
Lahat as in lahat.
Pati ako... :("


"Happiness is not found at the end of the road. It is experienced everytime you make a sudden turn.

-- SOGO "


haha... (set 1)

"I guess SPIDERMAN wasn't kidding when he said, 'no matter how much goodness you've done to them, they will still hurt you."

Salawikain ng mga college students:

..Aanhin mo pa ang uno kung singko na ang uso's better to cheat than to repeat need to review, kodigo will do
..aanhin mo pa ang libro kung scholar naman ang katabi mo
..ang di marunong lumingon pag exam, malamang bagsak

Isipin mo kung lahat ng mag-ama ay gumagamit ng gay lenggwa:

Ama: Junaknak ikeme mo sa mudra mo laterna akiz juwe, overtym akiz sa work chenez.
Anak: trulalu b yan pudra? hahada ka lang yata.
Ama: Etchuserang froglette! Wiz na tau anda, need ko o.t. para may jalowance ka.
Anak: di naman akiz jinge jolawance sau ah.
Ama: kapal ng pes mo! wiz na nga akis panglafang kakagetlak mo ng anda ko noh.
Anak: keribellles, okay fine, kyeme ko na kay mudra.
Ama: keri.. GO!!

"Sometimes, just to make sure I was wrong, I'd make the same mistake twice."

"Miss tricycle ka ba?
pasakay naman hanggang labasan."

"It's sad that in this world, people would rather see two men holding guns, killing each other, than to see two men holding hands, loving one another."

"One form of loving is..
When you just want the best for that person
whether it includes you or not."

"No matter how plain and simple you are, there's someone who will surely look at you as if you're the most perfect creature ever existed."

"Most of the time, we give too much, too much of what they don't deserve"

"The most selfish line that I heard....
but the sweetest thing that everyone loves to hear from their loved ones,,,,,
'akin ka lang huh?' :) "

"Ginusto mo rin naman ako diba?
eh bakit ngayon nahihirapan ka na?
ganun na ba ko kaistorbo sa paningin mo?

-bangs :D "

"Dahil sa love..
maraming nasaktan,,
dahil sa love..
maraming umiyak,,
dahil sa love..
maraming broken hearted,,
ang pinakamalala sa lahat.

Dahil sa love,,

maraming di na virgin!!! :D "

"Kung magiging parte ako ng katawan mo,
pipiliin kong maging dugo......
mapunta man ako sa ibang parte ng katawan mo,
babalik at babalik pa rin ako sa puso mo"

clean mess

The day is almost over but I can't still forget the rush while sitting on my seat when it's already our class in Accounting and we're starting to take the exam..
THANK GOD I got the true or false, identification and some of the enumeration kinda easy. BUt the multiple choice which is supposed to be problem solving..

OMG!!! That was a mess!! hahaha
My paper's a very clean mess..
I've got no idea about the other questions cause she didn't teach us anything at all!
that was my doom.. I know, it's okay..a little bit..haha
since I'm going to shift to Applied Statistics. I just got to be patient and be more productive so I'll get higher grades and change course easily..

and we went to the mall, i bought a kettle and a BIG chopping board..
hahaha..cause my mother asked me to do so, and I did, cause I'm kind.. hahha

that was a heavy load, while on my way home, I suddenly got out of the mood and didn't enjoyed my late night hanging out with friends..

Monday, January 4, 2010


whew! what a tiring day!
I didn't attend in my humanities class since I know that we're not going to do anything important.
I started my day preparing special sandwich for my best friend who's birthday was today :D

Thankfully I got things right and got a chance to attend to her simple party with her classmates which became my friends too.

I went home late but not yet sleepy and NOT YET STUDYING for ANOTHER BLOODY EXAM IN ACCOUNTING where in I really hate professors who do not teach or just guide or instruct us on what to do. HAY!!

what a day..but still fun :)

another nonsense post just to cope up with my miserable blog :D

Sunday, January 3, 2010


WHEW!! It's been a long vacation for my blog!
and I'm here once again! for nonsense entry.. haha!

I enjoyed christmas vacation. Celebrating Christmas and new year, but damn! It's so annoying thinking of tomorrow's history. Another schoooool comeback!

I'm a little bit worried of what might happen, because at the second day of the new year's class, we're going to have a CHAPTER TEST in ACCOUNTING where in our great professor doesn't teach us any damn lessons about the topics! We're already in chapter 4, and take note, all are SELF-STUDY, me and my block mates are just teaching each other about everything. Now, about chapter 4, I find hard time understanding it so I'll be needing a BIG GOODLUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK..

She's a big fat woman who only knows RECITATION HERE AND THERE. BOARD WORK NOW and LATER. HOMEWORKS EVERYTIME, TESTS WITHOUT DISCUSSIONS. After we're done, she's just going to say, align this, align that, proper presentation is a must. DAMN! WHERE'S THE LEARNING?!

Our class is really unlucky when it comes to teachers.