Monday, April 11, 2011


YEY! I am so back in blogging again, after almost half a year not opening my account. Since I do not know what to write, I will just share this very cute video of a twin baby having a conversation :D

baby 1: tatata tatatata tatata tata tatatata!
baby 2: tata tatatatata tatatata tatata!!

hahaha they are so adorable and hilarious :D
btw, I just wanted to give thanks to those who keep dropping by though I was gone for a while :D


***light bulb*** now I know what to write :)

I really hate persons who judge people by what they see. They base their judgments by what they only see. I remember the quote, "HUWAG KANG MAKISAWSAW SA BAGAY NA HINDI MO NAMAN ALAM ANG BUONG DETALYE."

So for those who always like to judge others, try to look or even ask or find out what is the REAL STORY behind the SEEN story.
and ask if you're judgment is in the right place, or do you even have the right to judge a person? especially if you don't know them?! Even if you know someone personally, it's still not right to say stupid things against them. Or tell them what is wrong and what is right about their situation, or TO TELL THEM WHO THEY ARE.

Sometimes it's better to say nothing than saying something you think is right but definitely WRONG. Yes, we have our own opinion, our right to express our feelings. WE HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, HOWEVER, freedom comes with responsibility. Free speech that leads to violence and harm of others makes the speaker complicit in the deed. If what you say causes someone to harm another person you should be held responsible, albeit to a lesser degree, for these actions.

*i missed this :) *