Thursday, February 12, 2009

words of WISDOM 3 (registrar madness)

the following events are based from true story which happened today, February 12, 2009. The following dialogues and lines are not precise but of the same meaning and statement.


*it's natural science class*
take note: our teacher was the registrar of the school

Teacher: who will lead the prayer??

*pause for a few seconds*

Teacher: E*****, who's next after you?

E***** : C******* maam.

C******* : in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, lord thank, thank you lord.

Teacher: is that the proper prayer?

C******* : lord, thank you for the blessings you had given us today, amen.

Teacher: Ganyan ba kayo makipagusap kay God? okay, stand...don't sit..
Im always expecting this from you..

I was expecting that the reporter will present his or her report but you didn't. When someone's reporting, you're so noisy. You can talk without destructing the reporter. You are very noisy when you don't have any teacher. Also the other sections. Shouting and saying bad words, attering those bad words. Wag niyong sabihing walang nagmumura dito?

Yan ba ang natututunan niyo?
Im not talking here just about your teacher here. Pinalaki ba kayong ganyan ng mga magulang niyo? I think not...because a parent like me, I will not let my children be like that..

When you go out of the school, do you know what are the comments of the others teachers from the other schools? They're saying that the students (she pronouns this as, *schudents* hahaha) of pasig city science high school are very proud. I hope it's a positive but it's negative. When you join contests, ang tingin niyo sa sarili niyo napakatalino niyo, it's like you're just the person around. And I can see that, just in this classroom. Makikita mo ang mayabang at ang hindi. You think that you're so good. Im better than you even you're older than me. You must have respect to a person.

There must be a balance, character and knowledge. Eh dito puro knowledge lng. Ganyan ba kayo, attitude.

Everytime I walk at the corridor, and you're greeting me, pag lagpas, alam ko, gingawa niyo to, *make face sya bigla*. Better look down and don't greet me at alam ko na yon. Kaysa nagpaplastikan tayo. Because Im an honest person.

Pinapahiya niyo ba ang mga magulang niyo sa harap ng maraming tao?!
*sabay tanong sa ilang schudents *hahaha**

Kung ayaw niyong gawin sa inyo, wag niyo ring gawin sa ibang tao, That's the golden rule..

You must have a check up, a check list of yourself.. Am I humble, am I honest, am I honest during exams *exclaimed*, am I looking at the paper of my seatmate, am I asking the answers.

Kung sino ang nasasaktan siya ang walang mali o kasalanan at kung sino ang hindi tinatamaa, yun ang mali, ganun yun eh, baliktad.

It depends on you if you will take this personally.


*end of speech, i'd rather call it as a verse, a values education sermon, a homely in the church, or a teaching from a pastor..hahaha*

the next scenes are not recorded nor remembered by me.. :p


Monday, February 9, 2009

sweet lies

----this is another fcuk shit so just don't waste your damn time reading such bastard thing

what's wrong with you??!!!
i don't know what the fcuk are you up to but you're driving me crazy through all the shits you're doing!!!

are you really disregarding my efforts?! or you're doing this for purpose?! are you not aware of the grudges I perceive or you're just enjoying my grieve?!!!!

I don't know if you're making a plan for all this horse shit but it's starting to bother me and get annoyed! darn it! i just don't get your point! I always try to understand you, but not all the time im here for you! bullshit!

I may be slow but Im not an idiot! I may be ignorant but Im not insensitive!!!damn it!

Are you still responsive to this shit thing or you're just getting bored already with everything?! Fcuk it! Just say it outright darn it! you're showing boredom but together with it, you're still showing sympathy and endearment with this shit!!!

what's exactly is your plan huh?!
get me with your games and leave me upset and disappointed in the end?
im getting sick and tired of this!

and what's next? you'll ignore me again? then couple of hours you'll be devoted again, then the next day you'll be absurd at me,, then a couple of hours again you'll be rational to me and tell me you're sweetest lines beginning to be sweet lies for me!!

just tell me honestly so we'll have a fair goodbye... :'(

new face

---don't waste yout time reading this nonsense shit...this is just a trash post... XD

i saw her glaring at me, i just took a glimpse to know if our eyes would meet.. im attaining cognizance on the manner of her looks at me without having any notice or reason.

she's a bizzare kid, maybe one or two years younger than my seniority, i know im pulchritudinous *LOL* but i don't get it, i dont get and think of the reason why she's giving me a strange stare. It was odd for me, i don't even recognize her, she's a new face in my vision. I would like to meet her eyes if she would just be admiring and pleasant to me, unfortunately, she's not..

She's just an ordinary kid with usual looks just like the others. Green skirt, white blouse, pony tail, dark complexion, average height for her age. She's not adorable and admiring with regards to my standards of giving someone a complement in terms of being beautiful.. *LOL* so mean,,, but it's true, that's a fact.. hahahaha

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

message received

i was done writing my economic assignment, as usual, i just copied it from my classmate's notes. I decided to continue reading the twilight, Im already in chapter two which is really unusual for me. I really don't have much time giving reading attention. Im not a bookworm or good in reading, i don't even find it as a hobby. Maybe, for some other kinds of articles or content...haha

I was perfectly lying on my bed, wearing my comfortable p.e. tshirt paired with brown shorts. Since I left school, or i rather say, since I left the house before going to school, I already feel this damn headache. I really hate headaches or any other forms of illnesses. So until class was over and even I already went home, I still suffer from it. Good thing it's not too bad that I can still bear it. Because of this damn headache I felt tardiness in reading the book so I decided to go to the computer, face the monitor and touch the mouse. Now Im already making another nonsense entry in my blog. While I was lying I just thought of these stuffs. Not so much interesting.....

Nothing interesting happened today, except for the vacant time in our class which is a perfect time for me to get a sleep, but i thought, though there's a teacher, I still fall asleep....hahaha....


wait, something entered my brain....

A MESSAGE....toooot toooot toooot......

" I may have innumerbale crushes but my love only belongs to you and I may be spending some of my time with others but before I go to sleep, I always think of the person I truely care about.."

tooot tooot toooot...


" The brain suddenly remembered, perhaps, thought of a very special and important person and the message emphasizes the feeling or the reaction made by the cells of the brain."


So,, getting back to the stuffs above,, hmmm.... as usual, another nonsense entry of mine, right now I can't think of something good that I can put in here....


toooot toooot toooot....

The brain received another message..

" The letter was really cute, I loved the content, i love everything, i really appreciate the effort, I just tend not to smile while reading it, some may say Im getting crazy smiling alone. But at one part, no, every part of the letter, i find it very cute.. I don't know, but I really love it..Knowing the fact that the one written on it is very special and it's sincere.."

toot tooot tooot


" The brain suddenly remembered, perhaps, thought of a very special and important event and the message emphasizes the feeling or the reaction made by the cells of the brain."


oh yeah, another message just entered the brain..
so now,, ahmmm let's move on now...what else can I say??
I really don't know...

shit,, i kinda felt the pain of my wound, it's not too big,, it's really small but i kinda felt the injury...hmmm....


opening message...


" The brain remembered that when the individual was lying on the bed and stopped reading, the hypothalamus made a reaction which made the individual feel a loss of someone.."

tooot tooot

closing message..
analyzation interrupted


ahmm,, what are those messages?!!
they're kinda a weird...
as you may say....ahmmm...

maybe that's all i can think right now...


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Monday, February 2, 2009


i feign to be clement though internal hemorage occurs. No matter how idyllic i think of how things stack up, no matter how good the scene would be to regale me, no matter how genteel i act, still, the damn apprehension of begrudging i perceive, i try to conceal the discomfort and acquire the reality of the backdrop i see. Fcuk. It damn gets all over my figure and conquers my despair. I don't want to take a glance but I keep on taking a glimpse, trying to gape what it's like when I know one feel bliss with another.

Blameworthiness, resentment, and jaundiced eye can be seen in me though I try to overlook my circumstances but this hunch of aggravation I can't bury.

I may be egocentric on how it appears to be, but I demand that one to be in my possesion. I may be really narcissistic but as long as I can accumulate, I demand the one to be just hand in hand with me..


I admire and adore and love my blog cause it's the only thing where I can express my worries, grudges, doubts and problems without hearing any complains. ..

I love myself cause the feeling of agony lasts for just a short span of duration. And I guess I have my own way of blocking unpleasant memories that I don't want to remember anymore, neither in the past nor in the present..

So now while Im doing this horse shit entry, my resentment, torment and grievance starts to evanesce.. (few minutes later) ...The defeat of my brain over my heart has vanished already..


P.S. some of the words I've used came from the vocabularies we discussed last time in English class... :)