Sunday, April 5, 2009


ahmm...nothing so much left to write..

i've fixed my fave phone which is better than my other phones using right now..damn those cps...malfunction keypad and failing messages... stupid phones..

Thank God and good thing I have an idea to fix my original cp..whew..that was a relieve for me today..hohoho

and yesterday..whoah! darn the line for the medical test in PUP! men that was hell! we have to wait and fall in line for almost SIX (6) HOURS! whew,, and when we're done! we immediately went to the nearest fast food chain to pee and get some food...

ofcourse, i didn't directly went home..i first got to my gp's crib to see her..wiee...i really miss her so much...and the other seniors as well..

and now,,another problem occured due to some schedule inconsistency and our class swimming, i guess will be reschedule. Good thing my problem is kinda solved..a bit..haha


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nadine♥christian said...

PuP kapala! Ahaha. hirap talaga don dami students eh.. patagalan. Harhar. Goodluck seu! Sorry super late koment :))
~nadine []