Friday, April 23, 2010

PART-TIME JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (earning opportunity!)

Walang magawa pero gustong kumita ng pera?

Be a BROKER and earn!



15 years old and above

Willing to have meet ups within Pasig City area

Job Description:

You just have to sell the following:

V.I.P PASS for

ZIRKOH (greenhills, tomas morato)

KLOWNZ (quezon ave)

Tickets can be used at the above mentioned places

Free entrance from Sunday-Thursday

Tickets are valid until January 21, 2011

Original price: P1200.00

Selling price: P500.00

Way to earn:

For every ticket you sell, you’ll have 30% commission

P500 x 30% = P150 ---your total income per ticket


If you sold 5 tickets within a week, you’ll have 10% additional commission plus your 30% commission per ticket!

P2500.00 x 30% = P750

P2500.00 x 10% = P250

P750 + P250 = P1000.00 ----your total income

For inquiries, please leave a message or contact

Iza Salazar- 09069412399

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