Friday, July 2, 2010

lucky day? :D

after a week or two? I'm typing again! haha
I guess today is my lucky day! :D
We're supposed to have exam in our bio sci class but the prof postponed it,
I saw a close friend of mine and we had fun..
I got into trouble and just after a couple of minutes,, everything was fixed!!!
I just won a stuffed toy in World of Fun SM Mega Mall earlier... wiiiieeeee!!!
I'm playing alone sometimes after school. HAHA

I still don't know what name will I give to it :)
any suggestions?? :D

anyway, I saw this in fb.. I don't know if it's true or just for laughtrip...
kinda censored but with our age? oh c'mon! hahaha
be happy to read it!! if you zoomed the image and still not legible,
here's the link... :)
GOTTA KILL 'EM ALL JEJEMON! :)))'s Photos - Wall Photos



nice : ) said...

wow! you really are so lucky! :D that's great! :)

aww..that's a cute stuffed toy! :D

oh..i have read that before..haha..the curiosity of the kid about the "s" word..LOL..eel?? watchamacallems? rofl..thanks for sharing.. :D

ghienoxs™ said...

naglalaro din kao sa world of fun na mag isa dito sa cebu...hahahaha, masayang triping to...

aryan said...

LOL, i wonder what the mom said. O.o

Jhiegzh said...

Wow I lurve the stuftoy! ^^ I will name at Woofy from the source World of FUN..hahahah! Well I dont believe, totally!

PaLs101 said...

Nice new theme and layout..

Call your new stuff toy "azi", kabaligtaran ng "Iza" ^_^