Friday, June 11, 2010

how's everyone? =)

ohyeah!!! I'm super back! how's everyone?
I got busy this past few days and viola!!! I'm already enrolled! haha
and I did had a celebration yesterday with my friends :)
we had a lot of fun.

and by the way, I'd like to share something...
--I know it's not right to listen to someone else's conversation BUT this woman is really shouting out loud her every words.. and all the other passengers including me turned their heads to her because of her disturbing conversation with someone on her cp.
Actually I was texting that time and I thought of typing her every word. haha
so here it is!

GIRL: Ano?! Ano ko tanga?! Gago!! Andyan yung susi! Baliw! Hindo ko alam yung susi. Nilapag ko dyan sa mga picture. Dyan ko nga nilagay!!
Style mo bulok! Alangan bumalik pa ko tanga. Ewan ko sayo. Di ko nga alam!! *with teeth grinning* ..Dyan ko nilagay! **sabay off ng cp**



another, try to check out this vid of cute babies!!! :)

twin babies laughing

P&B: Happy twin babies


nice : ) said...

oh my, that lady wasn't minding other people that could hear her.. :| she even said some offensive words! hmm..that's really bad..

wee! i watched that video of twin baby boys laughing at each other! they're indeed very cute! :D aww.. :)

Rhea Gulin said...

hahaha. nice one! that lady is so... never mind xD

Shan Serilo said...

hahaha wow that's amusing =P it's really funny when someone who's talking out loud on the phone and didn't even wonder if she's being watched by other people :P

cute babies :))

TRISH said...

WOW aa, natype mo pa yun mga yun? :)) Natawa naman ako dun :))
anywya, is that a pencil case? :D

za said...

@shan, yeah you're so right :D

@trish, yes! that is a pencil case! haha.. I bought it for my sister :D it's so cute.. :P