Friday, June 11, 2010


heya! It's a dark night, unlike the nights of summer...
la nina is coming!!! woohooo!!

and it will be so hard for us students T.T
especially college students!!! I just noticed, it has to be signal number 3 for the CHED to suspend college classes (esp. public universities) , but damn! signal number 2 is already a heavy rain! What else is signal number 3!
What are we?! Water proof students!!??
We're also humans like high school and elementary students! Though we're older, our schools are FAAAAAAR from our houses (for those who don't live in dormitories)!!! right?

I have no problem, I just thought of the times when h.s. students don't have classes and us college students have to endure heavy rains, wet clothes and muddy shoes!!.. haha

---------------- real purpose for this post is this!

maybe some of you are familiar of this korean girl group, maybe some are not.

Well, it is a fact that 93% of women in Korea had plastic surgery, and 53% of men did so.Almost all the handsome and pretty Koreans we see did undergo plastic surgerieeessss (and so are the artists and dance groups).. Is it a plastic country? hahahaha

but still, I was so shocked to see their pictures before surgery because I really admire them! Though I know they already did undergo surgeries, but I didn't imagined even once, that they look awful (sorry for the word) just like this.....

*you can click the link to see their after transfomation*

tada! this is soo young!!!

and this is hyoyeon!!!

tadaaa!! yoona!

here is tiffany!!!!!

yuri!!! (she's one of my favorite)

here is taeyeon! (she's already cute :] )

seohyun!! (she's my favorite)


and the greatest of aaaaaallll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-------and I still can't believe how great their surgeons are!!! :D
we can say that, those photos are their young state, but, WTH?! Even if you're young, if you are beautiful, it shows!!!! right?
***I am not against SNSD (so nyuh shi dae), I actually like them. I just want to share to you what I just knew :D

-------credits: super to junior @ livejournal



Jhiegzh said...

Yeah I see the changes! ^^

nice : ) said...

oh my! what a shocking thing to know! :O "93% of women in Korea had plastic surgery"?? OMG!

that explains why most korean people look pretty and handsome! :)

TRISH said...

OMG! I'm not really a fan of SNSD , but I click all the links you've posted. Yeah, their surgeons are indeed great! :)

aryan said...

*sigh* i hear their agency pays for them to get surgery. and they can't say no.

za said...

@nice, that's why I don't believe that they were born gorgeous.. haha

@trish, they are super great! :D

@aryan, oh really? that's sad.. though it makes them pretty :)

Anonymous said...

so what if they got under the knife?? sorry of my rudeness but anyone could have done it if they can. surgeries or not they still who they are and they didn't harm anyone..

Anonymous said...

I think in Seohyun's picture, she's just opening her eyes really big. I do that sometimes :S

Anonymous said...

I still dont quite believe that cuz people change when they get older and they changeA

Neil F. said...

am sure they wasnt so bad before the surgeries, I mean why would agencies invest in ugly people :)

Rébél$pîrît ™ said...
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ianhosier said...

Plastic surgery is indeed very common in Korea yet 93% Korean women had had plastic surgery?! I wonder where you got your statistics from.

From what I read, it was 17-30% the most. Not saying that it was low. But the statistic you'd written was very deceiving. You were basically stereotyping all Korean people.

No one knows for sure as to what extend SNSD or any other Kpop stars have gone under knife. But is there any room for consideration that people undergo natural physical changes? How about the wonders that make-ups can do?

I simply can't understand your intention and those others who spent so much time speculating who and who went through what procedures, has fake this and that. The heck with it! Period.

B said...

I say its harmless unless surgery gonee baddddd!!!

Anonymous said...

i usually hate those who change their face..but i guess i give snsd an exception
maybe bcoz..they change their face but not their attitude..they are polite and well manner girls
i love them bcoz of they are kind
i guess~

Anonymous said...

Look what you just said...saying you actually like them then telling these things that you aren't sure of. You could've posted links that proves that they underwent plastic surgery...that there surgeons who claimed that these people really had plastic surgery. Seohyun even ranked 1st by surgeons as the most natural beauty. Do you think they will choose her if they know she had a plastic surgery even if it's just a small one? I don't think so. Better get your facts straight first before putting anything online. Why don't you look at yourself first to see if you haven't change even just a little bit like them. And on the photos, it looks like they really widened their eyes...especially Taengoo and Seohyun. All of them matured, just like all of us. They were born gorgeous, it's just that as they mature, physical changes happens to everyone. Didn't you experience that?