Wednesday, December 3, 2008


it is a sunny afternoon in the beautiful school of PCSHS, a great day for all the students..Teachers and students having their lessons clearly and peacefully, learning new things and cracking jokes sometimes, some are playing inside their room with sily games, board games, card games or just made up ones, some are hanging out in the canteen while eating their fave meals, some are chatting with each other inside their room, beside the windows or electric fans to kill the heat while having a very comfty seat or lying to one's friend or some are..

it's already lunch time and they were all having great time when suddenly they felt the shaking of the ground, some felt it slightly some got dizzy until everyone got panic when they saw the chairs, tables, utensils and equipments inside the areas they were, shaking and most likely to fall. They heard a loud noise, a noise coming from the rooftop of the building, everybody looked up conciously and saw a big block of wood falling. One of the students was hit and got bleed. They all got panic, running, screaming, crying and pushing each other hardly just to survive and get to a safer place.

Minutes after same scenario is happening. The lights were flickering on and off until it explode and pieces of crystals and glasses fal onto the students which cause them wound and another factor to panic. Eveyone's shouting, screaming for help, everyone's destruct with the things falling onto them, the ceilings were starting to crash and the walls are ready to fall anytime. Everyone's murmuring saying their own prayers to save their own lives.

The windows and doors' glasses were smashed into pieces giving the students, teachers and staffs to pass in the hallway without getting hurt.

The floors were divided giving a way to hell, letting those bastards pigs of the school to be eaten alive(bwahahhah!!), the ground opened its mouth and took many lives running through to make their lives longer.

After almost 10 minutes of the normal time, but for those people who felt the fcukin' earthquake thought it would be forever and got theirselves alive. But many people died as well, casualties and injuries was reported and many lives were taken.

There are sound of ambulance and sirene of the firemen al over the place. Murmurs, gossips, cries all over the place. Dehydrated bodies cause of dried out tears.

to be continued...........still, again, can't think anything nice...

---i think i used nice and a little bit fine words here huh? hahahaha
what a story! so boring!!


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Anonymous said...

oh my god..

nice setting..


how i wish i could survive when that sh*t happened..