Saturday, December 6, 2008


I hear the ticking of the clock as every second in my life pass by.

It was an empty space with me lying at the center, wounded, bleeding, the slits in my wrists, the wounds in my chest, arms, legs, neck. The flesh i can see, the fresh blood i smell, the cracking bones i hear.

It was those red blushes on my face, it was those cysts swelling on my back, it was the spine growing larger and bigger trying to escape and rip out of my skin. It was the smell of the blood as i hear it pouring down,flowing. The shiver of the warm body against the cold surrounding. It was those teeth becoming sharper and bigger as my tongue feels its points.

Then I was at the corner rolling over as the pain of each beatings tries to kill and eat me alive. It was so hot I feel my body burning as the wounds were healing. And there beside me was a high class form of mammal with it's organs and flesh i ripped out and its blood i sucked up as its whole body was grinding itself gently. Then it was dark as the clouds were covering the bright shine of the moon.

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