Saturday, December 6, 2008

one, two, three, four, five, six

i was in an empty space looking towards a window which is facing a door. The bed was at the right side opposing the closet which is beside a small table. at the center of the room was a circular fabricated carpet. Only the brightness of the moon gives light to the dark room.

five hours before dawn, crunches, murmurs, groaning, moaning and screaming is being heard. The red fluid is all over the place, leaving no spot for dryness. Wet bed, wet floor, wet clothes, wet bodies, dried up brain dried up systems. halved body at the window, blood was scattered and stomach and intestines were busted. Hanged boy on the ceiling with a long rope and neck was squeezed, tied up hands and feet with blindfold full of blood. Torn up girl with arms, hands, feet, legs ripped apart, hair was scattered heart and eyes were ripped out, floor is slippery because of blood.

the howls of animals are the ones breaking the ice. The door was closed until it was opened by an exerted force from the outside by an old man. He was calm and perfectly confident while entering the room without getting any surprised. He gently pulled over a cart with cleaning materials and before the sun rise, the room was perfectly clean and comfy.

It's almost noon time but it's still dark and cold outside. The wind chime of the door of the small motel rang when a slim man entered the place.

"May I help you sir?"
"yes..i need a room pls.."

The old man handed the key indicated "room 401"
The slim guy used the stairs just tight beside the information desk. It's the fourth floor now, and the guy entered the first room. It was the same room as the one cleaned by the old man. He opened the window's curtain and left it open as he was trying to fell asleep. Facing the ceiling he's hearing footsteps and a very weird sound which freaked him out. I't a man's voice, deep and big. Like a voice coming from underground.

The next morning, the old man went to the same room with hi cleaning materials. He saw the man crucified on the wall with his hands and feet tied up. Rats, cockroach and worms are getting to his poo body. He was covered with bllod and eyes and tongue are out, almost falling to the fllor. HIs intestine and liver were sucked up and his organs was torn up. HIs heart was chopped and his body is surrounded by flies.

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