Thursday, February 12, 2009

words of WISDOM 3 (registrar madness)

the following events are based from true story which happened today, February 12, 2009. The following dialogues and lines are not precise but of the same meaning and statement.


*it's natural science class*
take note: our teacher was the registrar of the school

Teacher: who will lead the prayer??

*pause for a few seconds*

Teacher: E*****, who's next after you?

E***** : C******* maam.

C******* : in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, lord thank, thank you lord.

Teacher: is that the proper prayer?

C******* : lord, thank you for the blessings you had given us today, amen.

Teacher: Ganyan ba kayo makipagusap kay God? okay, stand...don't sit..
Im always expecting this from you..

I was expecting that the reporter will present his or her report but you didn't. When someone's reporting, you're so noisy. You can talk without destructing the reporter. You are very noisy when you don't have any teacher. Also the other sections. Shouting and saying bad words, attering those bad words. Wag niyong sabihing walang nagmumura dito?

Yan ba ang natututunan niyo?
Im not talking here just about your teacher here. Pinalaki ba kayong ganyan ng mga magulang niyo? I think not...because a parent like me, I will not let my children be like that..

When you go out of the school, do you know what are the comments of the others teachers from the other schools? They're saying that the students (she pronouns this as, *schudents* hahaha) of pasig city science high school are very proud. I hope it's a positive but it's negative. When you join contests, ang tingin niyo sa sarili niyo napakatalino niyo, it's like you're just the person around. And I can see that, just in this classroom. Makikita mo ang mayabang at ang hindi. You think that you're so good. Im better than you even you're older than me. You must have respect to a person.

There must be a balance, character and knowledge. Eh dito puro knowledge lng. Ganyan ba kayo, attitude.

Everytime I walk at the corridor, and you're greeting me, pag lagpas, alam ko, gingawa niyo to, *make face sya bigla*. Better look down and don't greet me at alam ko na yon. Kaysa nagpaplastikan tayo. Because Im an honest person.

Pinapahiya niyo ba ang mga magulang niyo sa harap ng maraming tao?!
*sabay tanong sa ilang schudents *hahaha**

Kung ayaw niyong gawin sa inyo, wag niyo ring gawin sa ibang tao, That's the golden rule..

You must have a check up, a check list of yourself.. Am I humble, am I honest, am I honest during exams *exclaimed*, am I looking at the paper of my seatmate, am I asking the answers.

Kung sino ang nasasaktan siya ang walang mali o kasalanan at kung sino ang hindi tinatamaa, yun ang mali, ganun yun eh, baliktad.

It depends on you if you will take this personally.


*end of speech, i'd rather call it as a verse, a values education sermon, a homely in the church, or a teaching from a pastor..hahaha*

the next scenes are not recorded nor remembered by me.. :p



najixtimmy said...

how rude..

nadine♥christian said...

LOL concerned lang siguro si teacher, mga prof ko din ganian, ang layo ng talon ng topic biglang maglelecture sa buhaybuhay.. nakakakonsensya minsan.. tsktsk.

belated happy v-day..

wierd.rem said...

adik haha.. nice nice. nakabisado mo mga sinasabi nia??? :p

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