Monday, February 9, 2009

new face

---don't waste yout time reading this nonsense shit...this is just a trash post... XD

i saw her glaring at me, i just took a glimpse to know if our eyes would meet.. im attaining cognizance on the manner of her looks at me without having any notice or reason.

she's a bizzare kid, maybe one or two years younger than my seniority, i know im pulchritudinous *LOL* but i don't get it, i dont get and think of the reason why she's giving me a strange stare. It was odd for me, i don't even recognize her, she's a new face in my vision. I would like to meet her eyes if she would just be admiring and pleasant to me, unfortunately, she's not..

She's just an ordinary kid with usual looks just like the others. Green skirt, white blouse, pony tail, dark complexion, average height for her age. She's not adorable and admiring with regards to my standards of giving someone a complement in terms of being beautiful.. *LOL* so mean,,, but it's true, that's a fact.. hahahaha

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