Monday, February 9, 2009

sweet lies

----this is another fcuk shit so just don't waste your damn time reading such bastard thing

what's wrong with you??!!!
i don't know what the fcuk are you up to but you're driving me crazy through all the shits you're doing!!!

are you really disregarding my efforts?! or you're doing this for purpose?! are you not aware of the grudges I perceive or you're just enjoying my grieve?!!!!

I don't know if you're making a plan for all this horse shit but it's starting to bother me and get annoyed! darn it! i just don't get your point! I always try to understand you, but not all the time im here for you! bullshit!

I may be slow but Im not an idiot! I may be ignorant but Im not insensitive!!!damn it!

Are you still responsive to this shit thing or you're just getting bored already with everything?! Fcuk it! Just say it outright darn it! you're showing boredom but together with it, you're still showing sympathy and endearment with this shit!!!

what's exactly is your plan huh?!
get me with your games and leave me upset and disappointed in the end?
im getting sick and tired of this!

and what's next? you'll ignore me again? then couple of hours you'll be devoted again, then the next day you'll be absurd at me,, then a couple of hours again you'll be rational to me and tell me you're sweetest lines beginning to be sweet lies for me!!

just tell me honestly so we'll have a fair goodbye... :'(

1 comment:

nadine♥christian said...

this is so sad. i hope he wont lie to you anymore..
i wish icould help make you feel better dear friend...