Thursday, May 6, 2010

2012 (Speech for my English class)

my blog's been a mess for a long time now,
and still, I can't think of any interesting things to post.. :D

so, I will just post my speech in my English class last semester.
Speech delivery was our final exam..I'm really nervous that time.. :D
it's about 2012, this is about death (obviously) but it has moral. :)
originally made and delivered.


2012, The world's end. As predicted by the famous Nostradamus. This vision comes with the question, are we gonna die?

You. your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your girlfriend your boyfriend your friends! Are we ALL gonna die?
Tell me, are you afraid of death? Are you afraid of death?

There was this philosopher, who I cannot remember the name, said that,
"Once you have accepted death, it will free you."
Once you have accepted death, it will free.
I never understood the sentence, but as life begins to unfold, some questions answered, some questions arise, some questions answered then more questions arise!

Why are we born if we are going to die anyway?
I have come to a conclusion, death makes life worth living!
Imagine, if we are all immortals, we do this, do that, be here, be there, fall in love, fall out of love, fall in love again, repeating the same mistakes again and again.
Because we say that we can learn tomorrow, because there is always tomorrow, because we are never going to die!

They say, dying people see happiness everywhere, these dying people may have lived life to the fullest than anyone of us here.
I ask, why be so afraid of death? Why wait for 2012 to live life to the fullest?
Because we are not alive!!
We are not living life to the fullest!

Accept death, and it will free you.


This is kinda short, just a 3 minutes speech. But I gave my best and got 1.25 as my final grade in English last semester..too sad I didn't got a flat 1 but I'm thankful for my grade though.. :)

--iza salazar


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shylenefeloniaaguilar said...

ur speech is great..

shylenefeloniaaguilar said...

ur speech is great