Friday, May 14, 2010


It's been a tiring, confusing but a very happy and enjoying day! :)
Today me and my classmate, (BSA 1-14D, PUP) had a trip to Fort Santiago, Intramuros Manila because of a project. For our demanding Rizal professor. tsk!

There has been a hustle in meeting each other, we were supposed to ride Ferry boat (along Pasig River) but some took a bus a ride and some were late to catch up to the trip so they had to ride the next trip, good thing PUP station is just a 20minutes travel time to plaza mexico station.

We took a lot, i mean A LOT of pictures!! It was such a great day to have a bonding time with my friends, because some of us, including me, is going to shift course.
It's our first and last bonding time together, that we are almost complete.
Some did not make it due to schedule collision.

At first we were lost..haha! Though we're already in intramuros, it took time to walk before we reached Fort Santiago.
When we saw the Manila Cathedral, I decided to ask them to go inside and pray.
(there was a belief that when it is your first time to go inside a church you've never been, you can make a wish, or a prayer rather and it will come true. But it was my second or third time there and back then I didn't know about the saying so I didn't made a wish..too bad..hehe)

We took Ferry boat ride again when we go home.
But we were just seven that time, but it's still full of fun, and pictures! :p
Though two of them got off early, because one got off to Quiapo Station and the other one was PUP station.

I hope to have another fun experience with them. :)



CHEEN said...

wow. wish i could visi fort santiago :)

Anonymous said...

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