Friday, May 7, 2010

i feel pain

it's been a long day..hay..

I went to my school, (PUP) to manage my shifting form, (so I can shift from my course to another).
I thought everything was going to be okay, but it turned out the unexpected.

I was supposed to be a first year irregular if I shifted in this course, but there was a problem regarding the slots. When I first inquired and asked the number of students, there are only about less than 30 students in the section.
This year there was 55 students who enrolled in the department, but they are offering only one section, so my slot, or place, or rather my shifting process is not yet sure. It is still tentative if I can make it in this course.

To be specific, I'm in the College of Accountancy and I wanted to shift in College of Science, department of Mathematics and Statistics, Bachelor in Applied Statistics. This course was the one recommended to me by my older sister and our guardian, so Bachelor in Applied Statistics is definitely the course they want me to take if I want to continue my study. There are no alternative plan so far. But if it didn't turned out fine, I'll inquire in Architecture instead.

*sigh* I was about to cry when I was talking to my sister earlier. Because it's really a big deal for me, for her, for us.

What's making me feel more sad is that there's no one I could seriously talk to, because they are all busy. Thank goodness one of my classmates texted me and it was a relieve to tell someone my problem(s). I also appreciated the effort of one of my friends who replied to my message once though she has no load.

So for all of you who have red this entry. Please pray for me that I can fix this problem and my shifting process will turn out fine.
Thanks guys!


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