Monday, May 17, 2010


I feel calm right now about what happened yesterday..
jhiegz, thanks for the comment on that post :)

but now, i still feel so lonely, pressured and worried.
My shifting process is still not complete.
And the college I want to get in is still uncertain of the slot for me.

My family is soooo determined that I should get in to applied statistics.
damn it!! can someone give me a slot?!
for plan B, I inquired in architecture but the dean is not around earlier so I was not able to ask about the slot..

slot, slot, slot....

I can't smile or feel happy for just a second especially when going home earlier.
I went to adoration chapel in our city church and prayed so hard, for about 30mins I guess?
And I cried too....because I'm really so sad about what's happening.. *sigh*

Good thing I'm not the kind of person who will be depressed for days.
So probably, I guess, tomorrow will be another day, and I will enjoy the rest of it.

Please pray for me.............


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Jhiegzh said...

Iza, everything happens for a reason. Just keep your faith to Him..okay? Dont be too harsh of getting what you want! Step by step ika nga!..Be patience! Okay?