Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Since this a shit and a very unproductive non-sense day, my bullshit brain cannot think of any good shit right now. So now, I’ll just type some fcuked up things that I really do not know. Ahm,, maybe some of my damn thoughts I guess. Well, let’s start.

1.REASONS OF LOVING, just this night we talked about the reasons of loving a person, we both agreed and conclude that sometimes you don’t have to HAVE reasons in loving someone, coz when the time comes that this reason(s) of yours get gone, well, that’s a shit that we can say you don’t have any reasons at all to continue loving someone right?
2.DEATH, as what I also wanted, not too much, but I like topics regarding that matter. Let’s see, ahm.. what’s else can I say, oh yeah, some paradox about death. People will treat you or care a lot for you when your already struggling between life and death, next is that, everyone want to go to heaven but they do not want to die, WTF! How can you go to heaven without dying right?! Another, ahm, this is true; DEATH is more UNIVERSAL than LIFE. Why? Coz everyone dies but not everyone lives right?
3.FRIENDSHIP, not everyone you call “friend” is really a friend. I mean, some just want to benefit from you; some just want your company for some reasons, some maybe real, but not true. They’re there for you in almost good times, but when you’re in need, they can’t give you their whole hand, right? They change as time passes by and so are you. When communication is gone, the friendship will too. Some is very nice when in front of you but back stabs you when you’re gone. You think they’re your family but they’re not. Why? Coz they cannot sacrifice what they have for you unlike your real family, what will happen is that you’ll be the one to sacrifice sometimes. You cannot trust everyone, you cannot assure they’re true to you, you cannot see the real them until some thing would happen. Sometimes I always have doubts coz based on my experience though right now i’m happy with my friends.

----that’s all I guess, I can’t think of anything else.
----October 29, 2008

Just a quote for tonight

“Mag-ingat ka sa mga taong hindi mo kilala pero mas mag-ingat ka sa mga taong akala mo kilala mo pero hindi pla.”

“Minsan kapag nagmahal ka, dapat walang dahilan, dahil pag dumating ang araw na nawala na ang dahilan na ‘yon, parang wala ka na ring rason para mahalin ang taong ‘yon.”

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