Sunday, October 26, 2008


last night is a very good night!!!
haha,,,i planned not to include this in my blog but since im happy and inspired, i decided to encode it,,

just last night, about 7pm of October 22, 2008,
me and my "special friend" had a great conversation which led to a a 'very nice sweet talk',,

so to make the long story short, that night was great! im so happy!! =]


so now, today....ahm,,what else happened?
oh! yeah the quarter exam, damn! the biology test was a shit hard!
haha!! i almost copied everything!! bwahaha!!! sssssssshhhhh!!!!!!
but ofcourse even there's a damn test, there's a sweet thing.. =]
we don't have an elective test, obviously coz we don't have a teacher,,

niweiz,, other bullshit things happened, like the damn filipino project, that was a fcuk! and a damn conversation among the bullshit and bullsquared is a fcuking non-sense shit...
we're puking money on that shit!! but what i love the most is that me and my special friend again is now in good terms........ =]

what had happened between us is a shit on my back!!
i realized everything and i swore to myself not to do the same shit again, coz i know that's my damn fault though..hahaha,,,
ok,, that's it.. i cannot think of any damn shit as of now...

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