Sunday, October 26, 2008


Done with bitch, let’s go with the shit.

Now this shit with nothing at all. Thinking only his self and having good time anytime he wants not thinking of others even his family. This shit who loves to fuck and fuck and inhale the smoke, burning his lungs with Mary Jane, melting his brain with the dope, ruining his system with gallons of liquor. He has a family, biologically but not psychologically. They want him to die as soon as possible, fir he’s just a big burden and hey almost carry the weight of the heavy world. He’s a pain in the ass with no good shit to do. He’s a big damn parasite living in the hole. He got no job, no amore for his family especially to his wife whom he thinks and treats as a fucking trash. After he fuck her and give her the shit, he’ll run away for good and have some fucking time with other bitches.

Now after the years, he gives his family the burden of his fucking flaws and shit doings. Now they pay for him, instead of enjoying their wonderful fucked up life. He gives them a lot of shit, with the way this damn fucking bastard lives. ----Alright, now this shit isn’t going anywhere, i’m done with it for tonight and I’ll continue when something came into my fcking damn brain-----

As day passes, becoming weeks, turning into months and soon will be years. He’s a big shit lying in the house, ruining the four corners of this shit home. Every night he comes home with the smell of liquor and with some shit annoying words tend to ruin every night of his family’s life. He’s worthless, a sick bastard and a sloth full of lust.

Every night of his wife’s life, he turns it into hell whenever he comes to the shit place. He’s just giving some kick and slap on the face. Now they’re full of hatred with sick words of bullshit facts towards him. Every time they wish him death, for his departure’s not a lost for those people around him. Even this shit thinks that there are people who’s caring for him, well fuck you asshole, there’s no one left for you. Even those bitches he had fucked doesn’t even know him much, because these strippers only know you if they smell money in your pocket.

He talks while asleep, things out of this shit world. And because he’s a shit, the fucking hell I care?! -------Now where this fucking story does goes? -------

Even his mother and siblings does not want to accept this shit because of his damn fucking flaws and doings. -----Yeah, it’s just a matter of something; you’re useless in this world even to your own family if you have nothing to trade with---- Now he’s jobless, loveless, but still lustful and a damn sloth.

He just does what he wants and what he thinks, with his useless brain and sick system. He’s a trash and a big worm in the butt hole. This shit story has no where to go because he’s a no body after all. So why spend time on a shit bastard when you can do other beneficial shit that will help yourself.. That’s the shit story with nonsense events. ---END

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