Sunday, October 26, 2008

why am i such a bastard thinking of such shit?

Sometimes I really don’t know what i’m thinking about or why i’m thinking of such things were in fact sometimes those are only shits and trash and fucking damn things that annoys me or disturbs my thinking. Damn! Sometimes i’m thinking of things which are out of this world, perhaps, for some people who have normal intellectual thinking unlike me.

I even imagine fucking things like, tragedies, accidents, events and stories which involves me and other people around me. I even think of shits that I would like to be real when I know deep inside me that those are only fantasies and dreams that can’t really come to life. Well, it’s just a matter of judgment by people who knows me or even for those who don’t know me and has no idea who I am.

Only few really know who I am. I even doubt if they really know my real attitude, personality and my thinking. I may be strong on the surface but not all the way through.

The idea that I have which provoked me to encode this shit post is that I’m thinking of someone. I’m thinking of someone who I have my doubts and I really don’t know what is up to him/her. (Let’s not specify the gender.. ) I would like to know everything about him/her, but I really don not know why. Sometimes i’m thinking of some fucked up things about the two of us that I think, I think, that could be a reality or true between us and can also be a fiction. Sometimes I feel something that I could not describe, that even I, myself, do not know what. (a little bit ironic for me).

To cut this shit which I also do not know where it goes, it’s just that... Ahm…I really don’t know... Hahahaha!!

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