Sunday, October 26, 2008


---alright, I really don’t know where the hell this fucking story goes and what the hell I am thinking right now, but this bitch damn thing really drives me off my shit---

This man she met swept her off her feet. She never found a very good damn guy like this before. After their fucking session, she still craves for more. –Crazy bitch, she really loves to be fuck, is her cave not loose enough? ---

He’s smooth and gentle, goes deep down, deep enough to carry his big bird down to her loose nest. Even the cave’s so dark and filthy enough, this bird still can’t hold longer for the lust is going up to his head craving for more fucking time. She loves her so much; she can have a hundred orgasms and thousands of penetration whenever he’s going to stick his location to the right destination. –Yeah this bitch is really damn totally fucked up---

This bitch really doesn’t care about her child, but only to herself, she doesn’t even know where the hell her other child are. She’s a damn fucked up mother, fucked by men all around him, fucked by her son, used by herself. Do not her mountains get loose too? Or her road curves get neither wide nor too narrow? Or her really shit black nest doesn’t get tired after all, almost 20 years of her life she’s being used by those mother fuckers. –I still cannot think of any reasons why I am doing this? ----

Stand by spending time in the streets with her fucked up friends as well, strippers of course, they telling shit stories of non-sense...---I think what i’m doing doesn’t have a sense either, I think I just like to spend some time, not by being fucked, hahahaha-----

Their proud to tell their fucking stories with their shit friends while waiting for a damn asshole ready and willing to fuck them. Once this bitch has told a story about how this precious man of her pleasure gave her the feeling of heaven with its snake invading her cave. First he’ll give her a giggle and slowly penetrates in her with his tongue licking over her temple with his hands conquering her mountains slowly shaping her road curves and gives the tickle in her nuts. –is this a pornographic story or what?!?--- He’ll massage her lips with his tongue like she wants to press it all over again with the way he’s giving her the pleasure of sucking his dick. Flattening the surface of her mountains with his tongue giving them new way of shaping, all the way through her cave slowly the snake giving it a twist and a little more fun to kill the boredom and give more pleasure... ---I really fucking don’t know where i’m getting this stuffs in my brain?!?--- and it will slowly control her and now his bird can manipulate her moan with the way his entering the cave and give it a shot and another shot getting faster and faster until she can’t control him and he’ll just feel the spit of glory and give it a taste to her. ---damn! What the fuck is this?!?----

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