Sunday, October 26, 2008


After their damn talk is done with all the shit they’ve done. A man with a rising location comes and asks them for a fun time. As usual these strippers will say yes and enjoy the rest of the season.

Fucking time is over now they have the bucks, ready to go drugs and to have some mary jane in their pocket. With these bitches all over the shit town, descent wives engaged to their fucking loving husbands will have a problem and confrontation with these shit strippers.

All along they’ll have fun not realizing the damn infection they may carry with these strippers, bitches, fuckers, and assholes around. –what now? What will happen to this shit story?? I do not know!! Hahahaha!!!------

Fun time is over and this bitch got her money and done with her pleasure with her shit nest wet all over and her mountains already distorted through the years. Not contented she stills from the bastard’s pocket. Another day comes and same events occur. It’s always a shit damn day for those strippers looking for fuckers.

Another snake looking for a destination comes over to her nest to have some pleasure. Now he takes off all her shit dress seeing her fucked up body with filthy shits on it, marks made by her past times. She touches the bastard’s chest licking with the pleasure going down to the rising pole, giving it the tickle which makes him moan, the pleasure of sucking with his bird in her mouth and the shit dirty stuff inside of it.

Not just enough pleasure when a shot hits his head, not knowing she was next, with the bullet in his head the bitch stripper got away. Now she’s being hunted with the bastard men calling their selves as cops. After weeks of hiding in their small shit town, the bastards found her and put her behind the bar. Now this bitch has no reason and cannot make move for her escape. –what a story?! Now I’ll try to end up this shit note---

Now she has no one except her damn fucked up temple with a filthy shit on it. Getting imprisoned not knowing what happened, this crazy bitch gave herself a shot. Shot all over her body with a bull’s eye on her cave. ---aw!! That’s an ouch?!—

Stupid bitch got away now she’s forever in jail, underneath the floor; 6ft below the ground…

-----------------------This is a shit story and a fucking non-sense one. It’s a crazy one and even I do not know what’s going on.. Im doing this shit in the middle of the night and got no idea what is it all about-----------------------END

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