Sunday, October 26, 2008


Once upon a time in a shit far away damn land lives a stripper named “bitch” who loves to be fuck of whomever she likes. For example is an incident when an asshole passed by her house and asked for direction, she just seduced this damn asshole, and what the fuck, the fucker was seduced and attracted with the stripper and they had a nice time fucking each other for hours without noticing that it’s already midnight. Going back to the present, this bitch has two sons and three daughters. Her first son was a drug pusher who’s also addicted to Mary Jane while her next child is a female who became a stripper as well. Her third child was a girl too, also addicted to those shit drugs and loves to hang out with her homosexual bastard friends who have no direction in life like her. The fourth child is named black sponge because of her off-showing cave in the public due to that she’s an autistic with no one to take care.

Her last child was the boy who was just about 13 years in age already knows the trade in life. He already has customers for his strippers, fascinating right? In the age of 16 his addicted to mary jane too, also with cocaine and ecstasy, he even know almost every drugs being allocated in there are, who’s the dealer, who’s the manager, the pushers and the users as well. By the age of 20, really cool that this asshole is fucking her 35 year old bitch mother, ---wait, 35 years old? In what age did this bitch got pregnant? If his age gap with his 5th child is only 15? Yeah, maybe in the age of 10 this bitch got her period and suddenly popped her tummy----

--I really don’t know what the fuck I am thinking about how this story goes,

Going back in the story of the bitch stripper, in the age of 40 she still has the glamour and seductive sense and damn devastating sex appeal. Same events occur in her life as years pass by. Sleep, eat, prepare herself, fucked up, sleep, eat, and prepare herself, fucked up. Good thing that contraceptives especially this damn condom was invented, or else, many fertilized egg and sperm cell were now in the trash cans all over their place.

She had been in many cribs and places of men who love to fuck her so much that their spit of glory can’t wait any longer. She sucks their dicks and put them in her cave until its tired and loose out. They fuck her in different position until their damn energy decrease. The demand for her is getting higher for the reason that they say she’s really good. But her damn location is fucking loose up and I don’t think it can no longer penetrate anymore.

The man’s birds are longing for this bitch’s black nest were they can relax and do some exercise and experiment if they want. They enjoy her big mountains and road curves which are really seductive.

Until an unexpected shit day came into her life when someone asked her and showed care for her. –damn, this is not a love story people? This is a shit story!!—

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