Monday, October 27, 2008



What a day!! This day is a fcuking shit!! It’s happy and enjoying, somewhat ironic? Anyways, damn, what a day with such damn things as well, let’s start from the beginning..

7’11 Pasig wet market 7:00-9:00
--we’re waiting for someone we’re expecting to come but fcuking hell, no one appeared,

Sea breeze, Taguig approximately 10:00
--in the inspection section at the entrance of sea breeze resort, damn! They were really inspecting our things thoroughly but such idiots they didn’t caught as having an alcoholic beverage!! Bwahahah!!!

--we decided to have some rest and eat some snacks, and then we mixed the beer, yebah siesta time! But fcuking hell, that stupid staff checked our drink and found out that there’s a beer mixed with the coke. Good thing we have extra!! Bwahahah!!
--swimming time again, and this is the climax for the day! For me, perhaps, cause I almost got drown! Damn! Hahaha!! We got panic and tried to struggle, good thing it’s not htat too deep to die. Hahahaha, woooh! That’s an accident anyway. I feel stupid and such an idiot drowning myself accidentally and damn I got panic which I must not have done. Shame on me! Hahaha!!
--there’ this nut girl whose trying to be seductive where in fact she looks like a stripper and a trying hard bitch. Eeiw!! She’s not pretty nor sexy, she thinks she’s hot but she’s not.

-----what a day, I think that’s what all I can say for what happened today, and guess what, I think i’m using the word “what” in this sentence too much.. hahahaha

(in the pool)
-- ihi, utot, laway, sipon, libag, and many other microorganisms and bacteria came from those people in the pool!! Haha!
-- libreng lunod at pulikat
(in the resort, cottage rather)
-- libreng manyak at pagmamanyak
(in the jeep..papunta)
-- free sounds! hehe
-- ayeeeeeeehhhhh!!! hahaha!!! alam n yun! haha!!

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aMnRiAmHeC said...

aw, copernicus must be fun... hmmm