Friday, January 9, 2009


sometimes, things ar getting so awkward,

something strange, sometimes weird,
but it seems so happy and nice,, it makes you satisfied and contented..

it can be stupid, it can be nice, it can be happy and sometimes it's TOO MUCH..
stupic friendship, stupid fucked up things which are really annoying and starts to be,, TOO MUCH...

TOO MUCH of this, TOO MUCH of that, and these and those,,
sometimes i just wanted to lessen those TOO MUCH things around me,, you, I, them, we, US...

stupid TOO MUCH things that I do not know why,, why it's getting what it used to be..
damn that's a shit...

every TOO MUCH things are hazardous and dangerous to our health, mind and attitude..
TOO MUCH fucked up things around that people already notice.. that people tries to lessen, sometmes adapt and sometimes they are annoyed of it...

so stop that fucking stupid TOO MUCH!!!


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