Wednesday, January 21, 2009

define NORMAL

dust entering the eye, hair felt inside the mouth, insects got into ears and some kinda weird particles gets into your nose are just some of the common things happening to normal persons.


letting toothpaste spill in the eyes, getting wounds and hits from no where, letting your cp slip through your hands without noticing it and letting it fall about 2meters above the ground, staying up late until 4am using th computer and watching horror movies alone, thinking some odd stuffs, getting weird chills, talking to yourself sometime, getting gastly rushses, connected with many stragers, hearing whispers....


am i still normal?? *hahahaha*
these fcuked up things happens to me often and i really do not know why...

:) :)



nadine♥christian said...

haha. i think when you wonder if you're still normal is normal. i do the same some times xD

nadine♥christian said...

oh. btw, i have something for you in my blog :D
it's an award. just check it out :)