Monday, January 19, 2009


a man approximately 23 years old was accused of committing a murder of a young girl and her mother in their house in the year 1616. The man was said to be having schizophrenia. He was detained on a psychological hospital instead of being imprisoned as what evidences, medical tests, and the court has ordered.

Months had passed and the man escaped and was said to be wandering in the dark streets of the town. Rumors and warnings were spread.

Weeks earlier, a very loud scream and a weird noise was heard inside the ward of the hospital. It was said to be the man's groaning and nail scratches on the wall, leaving his blood stains. He was screaming and shouting unknown language and idiomatic words. Patients, doctors and nurses was getting disturbed and destructed every night because of the schizophrenic man's behavior. Days later he was interrogated and tested by the doctors inside a room with a smal table and two chairs for the doctors and a special chair with straps and chains for him. He was asked by questions and was answered by his unrelated answers.

He was inside a special room with a screen on the front door so the staffs can check him out. It's about lunch time when a nurse gave his food, unexpectedly the bastard grabbed him and scratched his face leaving marks and bllod all over his face when he was dropped unconsiously by the man.

With his chained hand he walk, run, walk, run trying to escape in the hell he thought. He dragged his chain silently when surprisingly he was caught by the security guard immediately hit him with his gun.

He woke up staring at the ceiling finding hisself lying on the bed with hands tied up. Struggling and screaming a very cold water was poured onto him giving the staffs pleasure in tormenting him. He was slapped with bat and wood and aluminum tubes giving way for an instant blood shower. He was hit in the face again and again until he picked teeth while tasting his own blood. His cheek bones showed up because of too massive punches. Dislocated chin and radula. Blood can be seen everywhere while his voice covered the whole place with his screams.

---------to be continued muna,,,nwla n ko sa mood....hahahaha

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