Thursday, January 29, 2009


Inconsistency, temporary things, unsure matters, unsolved issues, full of words but lack of actions. Implementations of rules and regulations without legal basis. A dog with barks but never bites. A war between MAJINBU and the SUPER SAIYANS. Never try to dare a SCHOLAR!!!

YOUTH is the most POWERFUL. We can make an innovation and give a better change for the next batch!! We can make a difference, a difference that only students can do! That only the students can start, and now, SENIORS already began. Made an action, an appropriate solution for problems left unsolved.

We have the right to complain! We have our appanages to complain and make some actions to do the move.

We're the VICTIMS and HOSTAGES for the past four years. Now we're on the same side with one motion, that is to fight for our rights and to put an end in our sick administration to build ours. Speak now and make a step or keep your mind in silence and miss the best half of your life!

ASSERT for the PEOPLE and give the YOUTH a BETTER FATE.

-----------go SENIORS!!!

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