Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I confess: CHEATING is an ART and HONESTY is such a LONELY WORD

In a negative point of view, Cheating is an act of lying, deception, fraud, trickery, imposture, or imposition. Cheating characteristically is employed to create an unfair advantage, usually in one's own interest, and often at the expense of others. Cheating implies the breaking of rules. Cheating is less applicable to the breaking of laws, as illegal activities are referred to by specific legal terminology such as fraud or corruption.

In a positive perception, Cheating is an art done by everyone, in terms of love, career, and the best part, during EXAMS. Don't tell me me you haven't done cheating your whole life cause if you don't,,, GET A LIFE WOULD YAH?!!

Cheating is an art you'll enjoy and appreciate sometime, but don't dare abuse it cause like drugs, you'll be addicted. Cheating is an art, an abstract for the students, it's making impossible things come to reality but it it a crime for the teachers and a hard thing to be appreciated by adults. But they became a student too, right? So why can't they understand and give consideration? The fcukin' hell i care...hahahaha

Cheating can be done in many several ways. Like getting a piece of paper as your copy of formulas and put it in your ID or just simply insert with your scratch papers. If your afraid to get caught, use your desk as your paper. Or get your reviewer and put it under the chair of who's infront or beside you. Have a clear sight and sharp eras to be able to see and hear the correct answers. Another technique is having many friends and help each other in times of need, those times are during exams, you can ask questions unobviously or sneak at your seatmate's, probably, cheatmate's paper. If you can't, have a deal with them before the exam that you can exchange papers with them to get a clear copy of their fcukin' answers to those damn shit questions unrelative to our lives!!

One more thing, be careful not to get caught, cause cheating is very expensive art..... :)


Theoretically speking, Honesty is the human quality of communicating and acting truthfully related to truth as a value. This includes listening, and any action in the human repertoire. Honesty can also mean fairness, and truthfulness, and the avoidance of misleading people.

And Hypothetically speaking, Honesty will make your soul pure but won't make your grades good. Being honest in terms of morality is good but in terms of academics, you'll be very poor. Every man has a common good but everyone has their cruel and greedy minds. No one is honest in this world but there is kindness still, though honesty is such a lonely word..... :)


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rhia said...

cheating is an art and HONESTY is such a LONELY WORD..