Monday, January 26, 2009

universities will embrace us

move on... move on.... move on.....

high school will give it's farewell soon and universities will embrace us later.
we've got approximately two months to live...
to live in high school inside the fucking school i used to curse,
to live with our loving friends,
to live with our schoolmates and classmates
to live with our high school teachers, and
to live the life we used to live for 4years..

contemporary adjustments will happen,
new cordial acts will take place..

another few years in hell....
another agony in life..
more hardships to be found..
more adherance must arise.

but don't worry, instead be happy. after this years of damn education. You'll get a life.. an existence of your own as an adult. With your own regulations and own rules with your own management and manipulation of your fcuked up life.. isn't that great? after years of dedication with your studies and family, you'll get your ownself a chance to enjoy life and become "somebody" and not just "someone".

get a man, get a lady, fcuk yourselves till you're dried up..
get a beer, get a wine, gather you're friends until you get an aldehyde reaction in your body.
get a ticket, go ride the plane, the ship, go watch a movie or a play..

you can now get a life you want. I hope the life you want is better one than what you have right now.. Stay calm and focus, get your head up and go get a life!!!

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nadine♥christian said...

college will really be exciting and challenging:D

goodLuck PO!:D