Saturday, January 10, 2009


i feel a large number of emotions right now,it is a feeling of infatuation and attachment which slowly develops into a HABIT, a very bad habit. This feeling i can't resist is TOO bad.

There are things i don't want to think of, but i can't even forget. There are things that i don't want to CONTINUE but i'm too afraid to END. It's just like i do not want to EXPECT anything coz i know nothing will happen but i'm still WILLING to wait.

*** adore me and so do i but it seems im WORTHLESS that *** always ignore some time. *** make me feel IMPORTANT but at the same time *** make me feel the other way around. Even though *** make me feel EMPTY,, *** still makes me COMPLETE.

I hate it when *** make me so SPECIAL that i forgot WHAT we really are, then i'll just knew it's the same with the others. *** are so special to me that ***** the only important thing to me right now while im doing this entry. I hope that things work out ALRIGHT...


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