Friday, January 16, 2009

new post

no new post since tuesday...
didn't have time to think and work with the computer...

today's GREAT! =]
i love it... =]

because of some matter and some persons out there...
wah i can still remember the "english accent" we're having in the school with my gf... haha
it's so cute....

today is a great search for STICK-O!!! hahaha
now i know not all grocery stores have stick-o...tsk3
too bad... hahaha

anyways,, can't think of anything good to be an entry..
but this day is really great.. haha
i ate my fave burger with fries again with my gp.. haha
and having that stupid masterpiece of ice with a text of ketchup.. haha
it's really cute...

=] =] =]
smile be happyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! hehe



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