Monday, January 12, 2009

capital I-Z-A

don't want to study,
don't want to go on college,
don't want to get out of high school,
don't want homeworks, projects, activities or any fcukin' garbage shit foolin' around in a stupid school....

Im dooooooooooomeeed!!!!!
fcuk, i do not know why,
i hate everyday, except "those" moments... :p

i hate stalkers,
i hate people who hate me,
i like people like you who likes people like me..

i hate stupid rumors,
stupid people, stupid places,
stupid things, stupid events,

i hate fcukin' rules,
damn regulations..
stupid people feeling like their superior!
damn stupid fcuked up people thinking that they already know everything..
that they always know what they're doing and saying towards themselves and to others as well...

i hate people with stupid unreasonable reasons with them trying to cover and make things up...

i want to do what i want and like and need..
i want to have what i want and like and need..
i want to be with those who i want and like and need and those who want and like and need me....

i want to be if you know any business out there, try to reach me ok?! haha...i want to HAVE MONEY....lots of it,

without getting tired, physically, illegal may do..bwhahahaha
just one thing, i want to be RICH.... :D


since im living in this world at exactly 16 years and 2 months and 11 days and 19 hours and 19 minutes in this world while making this entry, when i came at the age of 35, i want to get all the things i want, like and the age of 40 i want to have everything that i want, like and need, at the age of 50 i want to experience all the things i want, like and need... and at the age of 60 i want to know everything that i should know, everything that i want, like and need...

and at the age of 70 i want to die...coz i don't want to see my face slowly fading with wrinkles and other stuff!!! haha


anything else....hmmmm... wla n ko maicp eh...hahahaha

im a bitch, im a lover
im a child, im a mother (someday..??haha)
im a sinner, im a saint
i do not feel ashamed.... bwahahahaha

------------------capital I-Z-A :D

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