Friday, January 30, 2009

end up as an orgasm

Life is the ability to perform biological processes.
Process. An evolution, simolar to cycle. Life cycle.

Thinking about life, yeah..hmmm mine i think is fcuked up right now.. But im thinking it in some better way. Life's really great. But no one owns their life, cause we just only borrowed it. It's amazing how God designed a life cycle for humans and other creatures. An alternation of a baby inside the mother's womb is like a miracle how it could possibly happen, another life creature can give another life, a new born organism. Fascinating how can one exist inside another living body, with a beating heart and a working brain.

In life, we always have great trials, trials not to test our abilities and limitaions, cause God already knows our limmitaion, trials are given to us to serve as a challenge, to test our FAITH towards Him.

Going back to life, it's incredible to think that we've started as an egg, turned into a baby, faced puberty, undergo adolescence and went to adulthood with great responsibilities. Then it's only the days we count until we face death, facing death with consciousness, worries and doubts.

That's a life cycle of a man. But if I we're about to change that, I'd rather suggest a reverse cycle.

We'd rather die first to suffer in hell or enjoy in heaven, then be a very old skinny citizen enjoying the time of retirement. Starts to get in the age of working to earn money and enjoy life. Sex, drugs, alcohols, party, relationships and other forms of getting a "life". After enjoying the best years of your life you'll get ready for college and have friends and get more fun while time passes by sooner or later until you'll end up in adolescent stage where you'll begin high school and get the best part of school days and get ready for puberty. And soon you'll be in elementary and beacame a child enjoying, playing and laughing without worries.. Be a baby, an innocent baby getting attention from the people around him/her who cares so much fo a child, looking after him/her with live and care and concern. Be inside a womb for nine months, feeling the union of mother and chils and we'll end up as an orgasm. Without fear and problems.

Wouldn't be life marvelous if you'll end up happy and having no worries and concern about anything that you might regret nor hesitate.

I kinda enjoy my life now, though sometimes it gets a little bit tough. I love my life. I love my world. And i won't die wasting any second of it. I won't regret nor hesitate on anything. I'll do everything i need and want before my time's up. Life's too short for mellow scenes, inconsistent situations and dramatic takes.

No one knows when will death visit us.


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