Thursday, January 29, 2009

give us LIBERTY, or give us DEATH

just this afternoon..conniption of emotions arise.
it started with gossips and turns into murmurs which became a relief with scream and laughs but turns out to be a disappointment which led to a riot that united all seniors to have one goal and one perception.

today is the start of the chaos.
a combat of the students against the authorities, abusing their power, giving youth shame and downfall with their promises and fcuking lies.


we'll fight for our appanages which we know is right.
we'll fight for the common good and make a change, we'll make an innovation for this fcuked up school.

" give us LIBERTY, or give us DEATH "

we'll make our choice. we're all free democratic people here!

---watta quote...haha... (im serious)

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