Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i gave imagination my last glimpse, kissed fantasies goodbye and say hello to reality....

hating the world as if it is looking towards me in a different way, but i was just seeking the truth for a relief and to get to the softer side of life by accepting the REAL ONES. My faults, mistakes, wrong believes and damn perception in life. Fcuk, those are all shits and damn things if I don't realize what's wrong and damn right.

Im covered in my sheets giving myself a bit of comfort. I faced my fear and gave people realization about their fcuked up life giving themselves shits. I don't care what others think about my acts, im just a piece of everything wrapped under my sheets.

Realizing reality and accepting the truth really damn hurts and sometimes you can't even face the world until someone will give you the right words and time for you to realize your idiotic acts, flaws and damn perception as well as your shit believes which just gives you more burden.

Tears are just waste of body fluid and energy, arguments are waste of time and doubts are waste of opportunities.

I know for myself that i don't know everything that i should know yet. But im not afraid of making mistakes that will affect my life as well as other's shit life. The time is ticking and the fcuking hell, our life's too short for fcuking dramas and mellow scenes. Everyone deserves a better shit than a damn one.


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