Sunday, January 3, 2010


WHEW!! It's been a long vacation for my blog!
and I'm here once again! for nonsense entry.. haha!

I enjoyed christmas vacation. Celebrating Christmas and new year, but damn! It's so annoying thinking of tomorrow's history. Another schoooool comeback!

I'm a little bit worried of what might happen, because at the second day of the new year's class, we're going to have a CHAPTER TEST in ACCOUNTING where in our great professor doesn't teach us any damn lessons about the topics! We're already in chapter 4, and take note, all are SELF-STUDY, me and my block mates are just teaching each other about everything. Now, about chapter 4, I find hard time understanding it so I'll be needing a BIG GOODLUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK..

She's a big fat woman who only knows RECITATION HERE AND THERE. BOARD WORK NOW and LATER. HOMEWORKS EVERYTIME, TESTS WITHOUT DISCUSSIONS. After we're done, she's just going to say, align this, align that, proper presentation is a must. DAMN! WHERE'S THE LEARNING?!

Our class is really unlucky when it comes to teachers.

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