Thursday, January 14, 2010


(set 8)

"Of he acts like you're not worth his time,
maybe you're not what he want..
you might be just a replacement of what he can't have."

"Sometimes, just to make sure I was wrong, I'd make the same mistake twice."

"Nobita: doraemon! meron ka ba dyang magagamit ko para mapasagot agad si Sishuka?
Doraemon: oo meron,
Nobita: Pahiram ako!
Doraemon: Ayooko nga! Kung mahal mo talaga ang isang tao, hihintayin mo sya kahit ganu pa katagal.


"If someone seriously wants to be part of your life, they will SERIOUSLY make an EFFORT to be in it."

"Love is when ,
at the verge of your anger and
at the worst of your mood,
you could still say,

"A lot of things could be said within a little period of time. But what matters is how long will you really mean it."

"Ever realize why the sweetest moments in life require a little effort?
It's because when you're really special for someone, you can make the person feel loved by just being there."

"Yummy people are hard to find...
That's why you don't see me often."

"Pinapaikot-ikot mo lang ako.

--electric fan :) "

"Kung paggising mo ay pula ang kisame at puro dugo ang paligid.
Wag kang mag alala, wala ka sa impyerno,
andito ka lang sa puso ko. :) "

" GIRL: ayoko na! magbreak na tayo!
BOY: Osige! bahala ka! Sa tingin mo makakhanap ka pa ng tulad ko?!
GIRL: Bakit sa tingin mo maghahanap ako ng tulad mo?!

...barado! :D "

" Iisa lang ako! Andami dami nyo!

--8888 :) "

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