Monday, January 18, 2010

reaction paper


This kind of disorder may be rare but it is sometimes a common one. When it comes to our usual life, these kinds of incidents may be everywhere. It is said that “the items are not stolen to express anger or vengeance. There is usually a feeling of tension before stealing, and a sense of pleasure at the time of the theft.” Based on my experienced knowledge, it is indeed that kleptomaniacs feel the pleasure while or after in the act of theft. They may sometimes feel insecurity or just got the feeling of stealing something from others that they know in their selves that the thing they stole is not what they need or even want. I have read a different article, a sort of study that, it is true where in this disorder is more frequent to female than to males. As it is compared to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the tendency of doing this illegal act in means of theft will be done by kleptomaniacs again and again whenever they feel the pleasure.


Emotional eating is common. Some people find comfort with eating food. When they are lonely, they intend to eat more food than what they usually consume. Anger, disappointment, fear and being confuse are just some emotions which triggers someone to eat food and find it as their friend and companion as what mentioned in the article. This is a true case as I, myself, intend to eat more than what I usually consume when I’m happy or not eating at all when I’m lonely. Some people may have or do the reverse process. They eat when they have negative emotions like Nita, Julie and Ann. It was mentioned that, “Food is no longer simply fuel for her body. It has become her drug of choice, her friend, companion, comfort and distraction from the unpleasant emotional experiences of daily life.” This statement shows that people become independent with food that they find it as a cure with their emotional stress. This may be an advantage because instead of using drugs or drinking alcohol to distract oneself from unpleasant experience, they found a better way to release their emotion which is by eating. But, this could also be more of a disadvantage. Because when a person practices emotional eating in ways that he cannot control his eating habits anymore, and eats too much whenever he is in the state of stress, he could be too fat and become an obese person which may cause him illnesses like heart attack or high blood.




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hi to 2nd anonymous..
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