Friday, January 15, 2010


I was walking down the street about half an hour ago with my friend. I was kinda left behind when she shouted my name and pointed her finger behind me. I immediately turned around and saw a BEGGAR suddenly moved away from me. He was at 12-14 of age, dark and sooooooo dirty. I held on my bag and found out that my bag front pocket was open. Again, I was totally close in the state of being a robbery victim.

I barely felt his presence behind me. Good thing my friend saw that fucking beggar.
I know I am good-looking, (HAHAHAHAHA) but definitely I'm not rich looking! So I don't know why this was the 4th incident when someone was trying to rob my bag.
This just means only one thing. CRIMINALS don't choose, once they see an opportunity, they will grab it and trick people.

This is why I seldom, sometimes, NEVER EVER TRUST A BEGGAR, ESPECIALLY STREET CHILDREN or PEOPLE. They are sinister, uses other people to gain for their own, evil-minded, trouble makers, ill mannered, CRIMINALS.
I don't give a general judgment, BUT, majority. Mostly, all of them won't do good.
This is reality. And you cannot argue with that.


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Anonymous said...

walking on streets at night is dangerous...