Tuesday, January 5, 2010

clean mess

The day is almost over but I can't still forget the rush while sitting on my seat when it's already our class in Accounting and we're starting to take the exam..
THANK GOD I got the true or false, identification and some of the enumeration kinda easy. BUt the multiple choice which is supposed to be problem solving..

OMG!!! That was a mess!! hahaha
My paper's a very clean mess..
I've got no idea about the other questions cause she didn't teach us anything at all!
that was my doom.. I know, it's okay..a little bit..haha
since I'm going to shift to Applied Statistics. I just got to be patient and be more productive so I'll get higher grades and change course easily..

and we went to the mall, i bought a kettle and a BIG chopping board..
hahaha..cause my mother asked me to do so, and I did, cause I'm kind.. hahha

that was a heavy load, while on my way home, I suddenly got out of the mood and didn't enjoyed my late night hanging out with friends..

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